Best Beard Growth Oil In India

Best Beard Growth Oil In India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to grooming, men have it much easier than women. They don’t have makeup, or long hair and they don’t even have to worry about skin problems as much as women do. At least that is what used to be true earlier.

Now, it is quite the opposite actually. Trends like the best hair oils for men, best hair wax for men and best beard growth oil in India are now as popular as women’s beauty products. In today’s world, men like to take care of themselves too.

Gone are the days when men were expected to not apply makeup or appear rough and gruff all the time. The man of today is essentially well-groomed and doesn’t shy away from using products that bring out the best in him. Hence, a lot of hair care products have come into the market.

The market for such products is now bigger than ever before. Men are truly embracing their looks and working hard to make themselves look as good as possible. We have oils, lotions and creams that favor good skin for men, beard growth, and a lot of them work quite well actually.

We have so many different brands and so many different products. The primary reason why we are facing such abundance is that the world is changing. Beauty is no longer associated with being feminine but with looking good in general. And men, just like women, are also interested in looking good.

Now, that doesn’t mean that men are not masculine enough anymore. And one of the most critical measures of masculinity for a very long time has been the beard. Whether it is accurate or not, people usually judge the overall toughness of a man first by the size of his biceps, and next by the length of his beard.

Kids or teenagers are often seen wishing for beards that are as bushy as their father’s. In fact, a lot of them tend to get worried when they do not see themselves growing one even after puberty.

Now for something so essential to a man’s overall personality, you can’t help but have products to reinforce it and to put it into its best shape. Surprisingly enough, beard products were actually not that common up until a few years ago. Even today, they do not have the kind of traction they should have.

And we say this is surprising, because frankly, in today’s world, the beard has grown to become one of the most important features on the face of a man. We are not living in a world where clean shaved and gentlemanly looking men are favored above all else anymore.

Rather, in this age, the stubble is a huge hit. And even men with longer beards tend to enjoy a great lot of attention. Thus, grooming and best beard growth oil and other products have truly hit it off.

But for an average fellow, it can actually get quite difficult to keep up with all of the beauty trends going on around him. And even if he were to guess and gauge what suits him and what does not, the amazing amount of products in the markets would actually prove to be a disadvantage.

Since he would not know which product to choose and which brand to follow, he might just spiral into going for the wrong kind of products, thus ultimately taking away the very purpose of grooming, to look and feel good. But we are here to not let you do that to yourself. If you consider yourself someone who needs help in catching up with all of these beard grooming products, then we have just about all of the help you will ever need. This article will serve to become your one stop guide for beard growth oils.

We will let you know all that you need to know in order to ace your purchase and buy the perfect product for your beard. We will do that by outlining some very basic properties that must look for in the best beard oil in India. Once you are familiar with that list, you would get a fairly good idea on what are the kinds of products you need to buy, and which ones to avoid. Next, there is another great list waiting for you.

We have selected for you ten different beard growth oils from various brands that could potentially be the very thing you need to get that perfect beard you have always wanted. One look at this list that we have complied, and you would know which brands are truly worth following and which are not.

Please keep in mind that our list has been curated by experts and each and every product in there will have all of the qualities we are going to tell you about shortly. Basically, your beard growth oil hunting is about to get a whole lot easier.

Top 10 Best Beard Growth Oil in India 2022

1st Place
Ustraa Beard Growth Oil By Ustraa
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Best Value
UrbanGabru Beard Oil By UrbanGabru
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3 TruMen Beard Growth Oil By TruMen
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4 Beardo Godfather Lite Beard Oil By Beardo Godfather
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5 Man Arden 7X Beard Oil By Man Arden
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1. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil

In a very short span, Ustraa has managed to become a pioneer when it comes to men’s grooming products. And this is all because of their dedication to maintain product quality and customer satisfaction.

This latest product from the brand which comes in the form of a bread growth oil is actually just another shining example of their brilliance. It comes with a special formula designed exclusively for beard growth and contains Redensyl and as many as 8 different natural oils.

These natural oils are argan oil, castor oil, avocado oil, almond oil, acai berry oil, gooseberry oil, olive oil and watermelon seed oil. All of these together work in conjunction to give your beard an all round protection and growth like never before. Additionally, it also contains Vitamin E which greatly facilitates hair growth.

It also strengths hair follicles and as a result prevents hairfall. Most importantly, the product comes completely free of all kinds of synthetic chemicals such as Paraben and sulphate which could potentially damage your skin or hair.

2. UrbanGabru Beard Oil

Next in our list of the top 5 beard growth oils in India, is UrbanGabru. It is another rapidly emerging brand and their key selling point is the fact that they connect instinctively with the youth and market products which are effective as well as safe.

This best beard growth oil 2018 comes with an exclusive blend of ingredients that promises nourishment and strength. The best part about the product is that there are absolutely no side effects to it.

While some brands may leave you feeling itchy after application, this one won’t even feel like it was ever there. It helps to soften the beard and even easily penetrates every single hair individually to give you an overall strengthened beard.

Another fantastic aspect of this oil is that it washes away completely from the beard and does not ever lead a greasy or slimy residue behind. And all you need to do for application is take a small amount in your hand and rub it gently throughout your beard and moustache.

3. TruMen Beard Growth Oil

Are you someone who is always worried about the length of your beard? Do you desperately want a beard that is bushy and long? Do you crave for the roughness and toughness that comes with a beard?

If you answered to all of the above questions in the positive, then we have got a surprise for you. TruMen’s best beard growth oil is just what you need.

While it gives a charismatic sheen to your beard and makes it grow to have a bigger volume, it does also at the same time make the skin under it soft and tender. It doesn’t contribute towards making your skin rough and dry and that’s some thing that not many brands out there can claim.

Also, if you are someone who hates dandruff, then believe us or not, a beard can suffer from it as well. But with unique product, you can avoid that altogether in addition to also preventing itchy beard and flaky skin.

4. Beardo Godfather Lite Beard and Moustache Oil

With essential ingredients like aloe vera extract, fragrance, castor oil, almond oil, Vitamin E, menthol and mineral oil, you just can’t go wrong.

This fantastic beard oil product will lead you to your dream beard and help you ace that rough look. If you want an overall nourished moustache and beard, and also want to smell good while you are at it, then we suggest you go for this amazing product since it actually contains added fragrance to keep your aroma right on point.

Just as any another self aware, responsible and safety conscious brand, Beardo too wants your skin to be as safe as possible and thus advices you to conduct a safety test before you actually proceed with the application.

You need to take a few drops of the oil and apply it onto your wrist. You then wait for a few minutes and watch our for any side effects such as redness, dryness or scaly skin. If you do not witness any of these phenomena, then you’re good to go ahead and use the product.

Even if there are signs of side effects, you have the option to actually use a diluted dosage by mixing it with some water and then applying.

5. Man Arden 7X Beard Oil

If you are looking for simplicity and an uncomplicated but effective product, then this is the one for you. Without beating around the bush too much, this one comes right to the point and gives you the service you have been looking for.

It is easy on the skin and boasts of a formula that is healthy and effective at the same time. It never leaves an itchy feeling and does the job without an ounce of side effects. Without even a single trace of a greasy residue,

this product makes your beard nourished by going for an all round treatment. It is also lightly scented to not just make you look great but even smell great, thus increasing your attractiveness among people.

And the best part out of the many properties it has is that it is 100% natural and leaves no chemical traces on your skin. It also boasts of as many as 7 super ingredients which will not just moisturize, but also promote faster growth.

6. Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum

If you are looking for a best beard growth oil that is pretty straightforward in what it does, and uses a scientific approach to give you extremely accurate results that just won’t miss, then this is the product for you.

Beardhood Beard and Hair Growth Serum makes use of biotin extract to effectively boost our body’s keratin. Once that is accomplished, it becomes substantially easier to increase the beard’s volume and make it grow. Thus, Beardhood attacks the problem right at the roots.

Furthermore, it is known to trap the moisture in order to combat dryness and also smoothes the hair cuticles down to go for an all round smooth, shiny and well kempt look.

Other fantastic ingredients including saw palmetto and ginseng. While ginseng helps with at stimulating the scalp, thus owning to better hair growth and reduced hair fall, it is also a hundred percent free of paraben and sulphate both of which are harmful chemicals which could potentially damage your skin and hair.

7. The Man Company Oil for Beard Moustache and Mooch

The name says it all. This brand caters exclusively to men who are masculine in every way. It promotes a healthy growth of the beard and keeps side effects at bay. It contains an accurately designed formula which facilitates the strengthening of hair follicles and reduces hair fall.

It thickens the beard and moustache, and also nourishes to the core for an all round development. Its smart formula enables it to penetrate deep within the skin while also fighting any against any possible side effects or reactions.

The key highlight is that it works very well to dislodge or remove the dirt or debris that might stuck onto the skin and thus promotes healthy skin and a glowing beard. The primary ingredients of thyme oil and almond oil both work in conjunction to provide anti microbial action and also act as nutrition sources.

8. Captain Thug Medieval Beard Growth Oil

While the theme of this beard oil is medieval, it is by no means medieval by nature. In fact, the ingredients it comes power packed with are so technologically advanced that they make it one of the best beard oils in the market presently.

It contains a very carefully crafted blend that is an expert in facilitating beard growth and giving it that extra shine. The primary ingredients are golden jojoba, cold pressed extract of aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, cedarwood oil, Bulgarian lavender oil and wheat germ oil in addition to three more premium quality hydrating oils.

All of these oils together work collectively to keep your beard moisturized and keep your skin from drying up. In fact, all of the ingredients used in this oil are all natural and completely organic, and thus can never harm you or your skin.

9. Mountainor Beard, Mustache and Hair Growth Oil

With a natural ingredient like Redensyl, there is a very slim chance that you will go wrong with Mountainor Beard Oil. It promotes growth and manages to do everything it does without the need for any artificial ingredients such as Paraben.

Also, you won’t find any traces of additives, GMOs, artificial fillers or any fragrance in it. Mountainor believes in quality and wouldn’t think of diluting the oil with anything other than what’s absolutely necessary.

Further, there is a huge advantage in the form of the fact that it doesn’t leave greasy residues and also that it is all natural and leaves no side effects on the skin.

If all of this is not enough, the one property that should convince you to buy this product is that it is sold at very nominal prices and is in fact one of the most cost effective brands in the market.

10. Rileys Beard Growth Oil For Men

Rileys as a brand has always commanded respect. Their products have always been well appreciated in the market and the prices are pretty reasonable. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the best brands in the market right now.

It boasts of a fantastic moisturizing and cleansing formula that works for the overall development of your beard. It penetrates deep into your facial skin and beard hair and acts as a fuel for hair growth. It is a completely organic product which boasts of amazingly well endowed natural ingredients like jojoba and argan.

To further strengthen your belief on the brand, they have even gone ahead and stated that the product is completely free of additives, fillers, GMOs, parabens and fragrances, making it safe for use even to those with sensitive skin. Finally it not just softens and strengthens your beard, but also gives it that extra shine you need to make people fall for you even with a single glance.

Best Beard Growth Oils: What to Look For?

Best Beard Growth Oils

1. Ingredients

The kind of ingredients that there are in the best beard oil in India is certainly the first thing you need to look for when you are making a purchase. In fact, this happens to be true for any grooming product that you wish to buy. If you plan on putting something over your skin or hair, which you work so hard to maintain, you might as well first take a look at what comes in it.

Now when it comes to beard oils, you can’t take any chances. Since this oil is going to come in direct contact with your facial skin, you have got to be super careful so as not to damage it even the slightest bit. Make sure the oil uses all natural or organic ingredients. If it does not, then that could potentially mean harm for your skin.

With an over abundance of chemicals, your skin will have to face the brunt by losing a good deal of its moisture and making it look dry and chapped. Thus, only opt for those oils who promise to be organic or natural in their ingredients. Also, you make sure you opt for oils which promise ingredients that are moisturizing in nature, for the rest will leave your skin dry and chapped.

2. Scents

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some, but some of the best beard oil in India actually also contain scents in them. They are added for the simple fact that men must not just look good but also smell good. Now while not all of the prominent brands in the market sell oils with scents in them, a good majority of them do.

Ultimately, it all boils down to personal choice and what you want from your oil. If you are a fan of scents and would prefer yourself to smell as good as you look, then these ones are the way to go. Some of the most prominent scents to be featured in oils are tobacco, cedarwood and many more.

3. Brand

Now again this is a matter of personal choice, but the brand of best beard growth oil you opt for will actually be a critical factor in the growth and development of your brand. While some brands are obviously better than the others, some have some defining features that most of the others don’t have.

Through the course of this article, we plan to introduce you to some of the best brands available in the market right now, and also give various pointers on what makes each of them unique.

Choose the Best Beard Growth Oil Now!

Although we have come to the end of this list, the search for quality products can never end. We insist that you read up on the facts we have suggested in the article and make an informed decision on your purchase of the best beard growth oil, based on your personal inputs. If you are still feeling confused, we suggest you simply trust one of the brands listed above, as they would not under any circumstances, fail you.

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