Best Hair Serum in India

Best Hair Serum in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ever sensed the feeling of extreme dryness or horrible hair fall issues due to excess dryness with no feeling of moisture? Well, it is important to note that dry hair can originate from multiple factors. It can be generated from hormonal changes, if by chance, you are going through the menopause period or if you’re pregnant. Whatever the case, we suggest you switch to hair serums and this article includes the best hair serum in India.

Going out of context, if you start to identify multiple changes in your hair, you should begin to act fast and try to restore and retain vital moisture in your hair. It is also necessary to apply plenty of conditioners after you wash your hair with shampoo. However, this may not be necessary if you use natural herbal shampoos such as Shikakai shampoos and many more.

If you happen to have dry hair, then you may need to skip the shampoo process since it cleans yet dries out your hair. If no shampoo, then you can wash your hair with conditioner instead. As a matter of fact, washing your hair with conditioner only will still clean your hair completely and your hair will surely thank you for it.

Apart from conditioners, you can utilize hair serums which can help to retain back the moisture lost. In this guide, we will take you through an informational yet learning journey on the world of hair serums along with the best hair serums found in the market. Let’s dig into reviewing the top 10 best hair serum in India. Let’s get started!

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What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a liquid substance which is created by using amino acids, silicon-based content, and ceramides. These hair serums can be utilized for those users who have curly and frizzy hair.

Top 10 Best Hair Serum in India 2022

1st Place
Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Anti Frizz Serum By Schwarzkopf
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Best Value
L’Oreal Paris Professional Series Liss Primrose Oil By L’Oreal Paris
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3 The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum By The Body Shop
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4 BBLUNT Intense Moisture Vitamin E Hair Serum By BBLUNT
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5 GK Hair Taming System With Juvexin Serum By GK
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1. Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Anti Frizz Serum

The Schwarzkopf Osis anti-frizz serum is the paramount product which brings you sweet shine and style. This product has developed an Osis control: level 1 where it would mean that this hair serum will help your hair to have a smooth and natural movement along with style thus makes it easy to manage.

This product uses a unique blend of glycerine and silicon agents which offers your hair that needed shimmering shine and also results in a sheeny condition. Moreover, for the entire day, your hair will be left remarkably silky without being weighed down thus giving you a weightless separation and control.

What’s more is that the Schwarzkopf serum encourages a smooth bonacure treatment which delivers quintessential shine and utilizes natural apricot oil in order to avoid far more damage of brittle, frizzy hair. You can expect this serum to leave your hair fully and deeply conditioned. It has exceptional and durable control of unnecessary frizz which is triggered due to atmospheric absorption.

2. L’Oreal Paris Professional Series Liss Primrose Oil

The L’Oreal liss primrose oil promises a durable shine and perfects as a blow-dry oil which comes in a volume of 125 ml. This product contains moisturizing and soothing agents in order to offer an anti-humidity guard which helps in maintaining hair strands and prevent it from obtaining a frizz.

The formula created is a blend of water-soluble and light ingredients which coats the hair thus giving it brilliant shine and sustained smoothness for a long period of time.

This serum works best for those who have frizzy, difficult to manage hair and is developed to fight against frizziness and tame the manes at a place. In addition, the serum supports the hair in reflecting off light thus allowing it to shine intensely.

It is merged with reflexium which helps hair to look radiant without pulling it down heavily. You can just take about a few drops and rub it in between hands. After doing so, you can run your shampooed and towel dried hair starting from the lengths and reach it to the ends.

Following this, you can style it normally but do not rinse it afterward since it will lose its effect. It is good to note that the amount of serum required is entirely dependent on how thick the hair is. You can begin applying with a small amount and work your way up as needed.

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3. The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum

The Body Shop Grapeseed Glossing Serum bottle is a fragrant product which comes with a pump dispenser wherein you need to squirt out the serum after squeezing it out.

This does not operate as a usual spray serum but rather as a thick, liquid serum which needs to be applied on hands first and then runs through the hair.

When it comes to constancy and color, the model offers serum which is entirely translucent and has a dense consistency which is similar to Habib’s hair serum product.

The Body Shop Grapeseed serum contains fruity scents on a gentle note wherein it feels like you are feeding your hair strands a delicious fruit pack. This aroma can stay on for just half a day or more but you want the smell anymore after a certain period of time.

This serum is created to help smoothen out your locks perfectly and even adds a bit of thickness and density as well. It is good to note that when applying this serum topically, you won’t have any static feeling at all. In fact, hair starts to turn bouncy and will remove any sort of split ends or tangles which you may have when your hair is either wet or dry.

You can expect this serum to work wonders since it can be washed out easily and contains grapeseed extract which enables your hair to get in good shape and won’t get too dry.

4. BBLUNT Intense Moisture Vitamin E Hair Serum

This intensive and moisturizing serum offers an additional nourishment hoist and bright gloss to any user who has dry hair. With this serum, you can expect your hair to look thicker and revitalized, and manage with ease than before.

Also, this serum combines both Vitamin E and naturals oils together wherein, it helps it to control the frizziness of your hair. It even makes hair much more manageable and includes an appealing yet healthy shine to all hairstyles.

Furthermore, this model is a leave-in serum for really dry hair and guards it against any damage occurred due to heat styling and the environment as well.

5. GK Hair Taming System With Juvexin Serum

The GK hair taming system is a unique formulation which is created as integration with other GK hair products and services for frequent and daily use at home.

This model is a flexible hair moisturizing cream which can be utilized on any hair type apart from the regular frizzy and curly types. The GKhair Cashmere is being offered as a delicate and smoothing hair cream which helps in adding magnificent shine to your hair.

This serum helps in extending your hairstyle for a long period of time and at the same time, makes your hair appear natural and well-nourished. GKhair Cashmere even helps to smoothen out any sort of flyaways and converts dry and dull hair into a wonderfully, frizzy-free and elegant hair type. GKhair stylists do recommend this serum as one of the most exquisite products to be employed at home in order to carry out regular hair styling and finishing touches. The product delivers adequate moisture levels to your hair thus making it less prone from drying out.

As a matter of fact, this model includes Juvexin which is labeled as keratin – an anti-aging protein mix which helps to retain and restore hair manes to its lustrous condition, all the while shielding it against any damage in the near future. Lastly, it uses argan oil which is a terrific hair styling agent.

6. L’Oreal Professionnel Expert Lipidium Serum

In a nutshell, the L’Oreal serum is a reconditioning and energizing serum which is designed to carry out restoration for hair types which are damaged in structure.

It includes a non-greasy formula which is composed of both ceramides and lipids which help to sink into the hair shafts and structure thus helps in restoring and revitalizing hair fibers intensively. In addition, it helps in strengthening dry hair fibers and gets deeply nutrified without overloading it with too many chemical properties.

Moreover, it offers immediate results when it comes to protecting hair strands thus avoiding hair fall. It is fortified when used daily and makes your hair shinier, sleeker, softer, manageable and bouncier than usual.

7. Kerastase Nutritive Serum Oleo-Relax

The Kérastase Sérum Oléo-Relax is certainly a serum which is created to tame frizzy, fine, dry and unmanageable hair. Due to its alleviating formula, your hair will now turn velvety smooth and so much more manageable.

This makes it far easier to comb and brush your hair than usual. And even though it brings the mentioned benefits in due time, it brings out a bewildering shine to your hair since it offers phenomenal radiance when being under the light.

The Kérastase Sérum Oléo-Relax contains a unique formula of Nutri-Huile Complex substances and includes a prone free protection formula. These two elements help to smoothen out and revivify hair types which are either damaged, dry or unmanageable. In the end, your hair will thank you for the new and improved look, durable thickness, softness and control provided from this serum.

8. Khadi Pure Gramodyog Herbal Hair Serum

The Khadi pure herbal hair serum is ideal for those who tend to get their tangled and dry real quick but can be used on other hair types as well. This product is packed with nurturing substances such as jojoba oil and almond oil extracts. As mentioned, it is suitable for all hair types such as curly, thick, frizzy or light.

It even rejuvenates all the hair mess you tend to experience each day and brings you a comfortable and calming touch. The use of almond helps to protect hair against harmful UV rays and fills up any destroyed areas of hair tissues thus avoiding split-ends to occur.

The fragrance is an astounding experience which people fall in love with easily, despite being so mild. As you apply the serum after shampooing your hair, it transforms your hair into a much more glossy and becomes even more easy to control. You can always strive for the hairstyle you want.

9. RE’ EQUIL Hair Fall Control Serum

The Re’equil hair fall serum helps to control and fortify hair manes and give it a beautiful look. This serum is dermatologically proven and includes active ingredients such as a Watercress extract, a Cressatine Indian cress extract and a raw material known as ECOCERT which aids in elevating hair thickness and growth thus upgrading the overall hair structure and locks.

Additionally, it includes a 5- Alpha-reductase inhibitor, also known as Aminexil, which helps in supporting DHT block formation.

This is the most crucial aspect or cause for genetic hair loss. It even includes Biotin which helps in stimulating hair follicles thus ensures thicker hair shafts and roots. 

At the same time, the serum uses D-Panthenol which is a remarkable ingredient that helps in regulating sebum levels on the scalp. What’s interesting to note is that the serum extends the hair life cycle significantly and supports in increasing hair thickness and density in a phenomenal way. Other impressive features include is that it is silicone free and gives a non-greasy look.

10. Wella SP Balance Scalp Energy Hair Serum

The Wella SP balance serum is an in-depth hair restoring serum which contains energizing complex substances such as biotin, caffeine, vitamins and lauric acid. This makes it a really powerful serum which can help you get your dry, brittle back to its well-nourished form.

Moreover, this serum will support you in enhancing several amounts of nutrients which to your hair which are not usually produced by the body itself.

Having such nutrients helps to protect the manes from dehydration as well. Ultimately, this serum is developed to reduce hair loss and toughen thin hair thereby prolonging the growth life cycle of frail hair. It is being formulated with a Zinc Pyriothon Complex which carries out a smooth and fragile balance wherein it starts to soothe and cool down scalps which are sensitive.

Best Hair Serums In India – Buying Guide

Picking The Best Hair Serum For Your Hair

Picking The Best Hair Serum For Your Hair

As you go shopping, you can find the best hair serums available in a wide range. We can generalize that hair serums invigorate hair strands, add shine, decreases the level of dryness and frizz thereby works remarkably well for hair lengths which range from long to medium size.

Rest assured, hair serums are typically silicone-based products which are designed to glaze the surface of your hair which brings it to shine and softness thus preventing it from getting tangled or experiencing split ends.

Let’s get into identifying the best hair serum for you:

1. Read the Serum Composition Thoroughly and Carefully

Even though silicon is a true, chief ingredient found in hair serums, you need to give heed to other ingredients found in a typical hair serum as well. For example, if you happen to have really frizzy or dry hair, then you should consider searching for hair serums which combine and are infused with oils such as rosewood, castor or marula. These oils will offer vigorous hydration levels to your hair locks all the while adding in the needed shimmer and luster.

2. Different hair serums for different hair types

As stated, there are several hair serums which are created for certain purposes and hair types. We offer you a guideline on selecting the most suitable hair serum for your evolving strands.

3. Serums designed to shield against pollution and heat

For those who tend to live in countries hot, dry or humid climates such as India, and do go out in the sun on a frequent and regular basis, then it is crucial to take additional care of your hair strands. Pick out those hair serums which hold jojoba and lavender oils since these oils are known to nourish and energize your hair as well as add in the extra shine.

Lavender oil helps to detangle and smoothen out hair strands. It serves as a useful guard since it protects it against the scorching heat. Such serums are known to be exceedingly lightweight and get soaked up into the hair pretty quickly.

4. Serums for hair types which have split-ends

Split ends can lead our manes to be more prone to breakage and gets threadbare along the way. If you’re that user who happens to have a lot of split ends, hair serum is mandatory since it boosts the usual appearance of your hair. However, do make sure that you choose hair serums which contain keratin since keratin is being recognized to repair and restore irritating split ends thus averts hair strands from splitting apart.

5. Serums for textured and thick hair

People who have textured and thick locks will need to purchase a diligent and effective serum which will enable your hair to achieve the needed hydration. You can always select serums which have a blend of Moroccan and argan oils in order to master your locks according to the style you want and give it an extra healthy sheen.

6. Serums for ceaseless dry hair

Hair which is extremely dry needs to receive extra nutrition, love, and care. Fortunately, consumers can find the best hair serums available in the market which can be applied when they sleep on it. By applying these serums overnight, the more revitalized hair strands will turn out to be.

But, do check that these hair serums are not oil based but cream based so that they don’t pull down your hair rather than moisturizing it. For those who have either dry or damp hair, you can apply serums overnight and wake up with fostered and nitid hair.

7. Serums for hair which is colored

For those who have chemically treated, dyed or colored hair, there are airy lightweight hair serums which are cream based and are available in the market wherein, apart from containing silicone, it contains other ingredients such as argan, jojoba, green tea extracts, and coconut oil. These work ideally well those who have chemically processed and colored hair.

8. Serums for people with curly hair

Automatically, as time progresses, curls tend to be more difficult to maintain since it gets more frizzy. The best hair serums for both wavy and curly hair are those which contain rigorous moisturizing properties. We’re sure that you must have heard things like serums working dynamic wonders on lifeless and dull manes a hundred times.

Although, curly hair needs a bit more attention than other hair types. Therefore, in order to have those curls glossy and lively as well as bringing them to a lively appeal, select serums which are packed with hydrating oils such as marula, argan, sweet almond and jojoba.

9. Usage and motives of hair serums

The foremost purpose of a hair serum is to construct your locks to be healthier, less knotted and appear shinier than before. The only reason why serums bring such results is that it gets absorbed into the hair strands and shines backlight thus making your hair look silkier, and at the same time, it generates a guarding coat on the hair which shields it from multiple harmful elements such as pollutants, dust, and ultraviolet rays.

A majority of the people utilize hair serum in order to liven and fortify brittle and damaged hair. Moreover, serum helps to regain the needed shine in dry and dull hair as well as preventing hair from getting tangled.

You need to understand that serums bring you several purposes and are often categorized into two separate varieties. Despite consumers applying their usual serums on towel-dried or damp hair, there are few serum products which are designed to be applied directly on dry hair in order to carry out specific styling purposes.

Still feeling confused? We’ll give you an insight on distinct types of hair serums and a step-by-step guide on how to use them perfectly.

10. It is compulsory to wash your hair before you start applying serum

The universal rule is to always apply serum only on hair which is shampooed. Applying serum on dirty hair or unwashed hair will lead the strands to be weighed down thus making them appear oilier and thinner. It also attracts more grime and dust as well as create dandruff.

Hair serums are not just styling products but vitalizers which offers genuine nourishment to your hair. But, this can only occur when the serum is able to infiltrate the hair strands and roots. In contrast, unwashed hair does not let this happen which makes the serum clogged up and mixes with the dirt and grime.

11. Avoid using immoderate amounts of hair serum

In a nutshell, serums are essentially a blend of water, rejuvenating chemicals, and essential oils. Applying a tad bit much of it can make hair unnecessarily ponderous and greasy which typically reduces the hair thickness and volume significantly. For those users who have medium sized length hair, we suggest to use about 1 to 2 drops of serum and for those who have longer hair lengths, it is suggested to use about 3 to 4 drops of serum.

Why Should I Use Hair Serum?

Why Should I Use Hair Serum?

Good question! Hair serum helps in maintaining as well as adding in moisture on a dry scalp thus avoiding multiple fungal infections and dandruff issues on the scalp. It is entirely possible to change to an iron blow dryer since they don’t generate too much heat. In addition, you might want to straighten out your hair while it is still wet.

Pick a hair serum and apply it to your wet hair and then straighten it. This treatment will permit your hair to be much healthier than before and will lead to less hair fall since hair won’t break so easily. Moreover, it is crucial to always deep condition your hair on a frequent and regular basis.

It’s useful to employ a good serum when it comes to treating dry hair. In actuality, using little amounts of serum goes a pretty long way and you don’t have to apply much of it in order to get a good result or effect. What’s more is that hair serums come in a wide range of formulas. You can consider searching for serums which contain herbal or natural ingredients such as argan oil, castor oil or other natural oils. Natural oils are great for nourishing your hair however you need to pay a little extra for them.

You may find a lot of cheap products out there but they seem to add a lot of chemicals to your hair. Nevertheless, they are developed to hydrate your hair still. We suggest you purchase the best hair serum which you can afford and which your hair seems to adjust well with. If you wish to make your hair stronger and healthier as possible, then using the best hair serums will give your hair what it essentially needs.

These hair serums are usually packed with moisture thereby they are perfect when it comes to maintaining the hydration levels of your hair for a long period of time. As mentioned before, it’s not necessary to apply much serum either which enables it to be a more cost-effective method when compared to other options which carry out the same duty.

Tips and Tricks for using Hair Serums

As you begin to use hair serum, you should not apply too much of it since it can make your hair look too oily or greasy. In fact, we recommend applying about a few drops and run it gently through your damp hair. Hair serums surely are powerful and give your hair a special treatment. Consumers will get to enjoy lustrous hair which isn’t going to break off easily since the essential purpose of serum is to provide all the necessary hydration which hair needs and makes it look and feel phenomenal.

One of the many reasons on why you should start using hair serums is that it helps to strengthen your hair by feeding it with key proteins and amino acids thereby reducing hair fall and hair breakage. Your hair will be held in place which makes it easier to manage and style whenever you wish to. Having dry hair leads to small, brittle hair which you absolutely don’t deserve to deal with since it is such a hassle.

Hair which constantly falls of hits all of our self-esteem big time and can even paralyze us, mentally speaking. Just like how oiling, exercise, and a great diet are parts of an overall skin and hair care routine, you should include hair serums within your regular skincare routine since it will help your hair to appear healthy and shiny. What’s more is that you can finally eliminate your hurtful split ends and adore your new silky hair.

These days, hair serums have turned out to be a key ingredient in all of our personal range of hair care products and for very plausible reasons, for that fact. As we all know that hair serums are extraordinarily fruitful when it comes to challenging and solving frizzy or dry hair issues, however, do you realize that there are distinct hair serums which are ideal for different types of hair and hair textures?

You can utilize either one of them in order to avoid hair breakage wherein you can develop natural hair serums within your very kitchen itself which can be highly constructive for your hair.

How Can We Use Hair Serum On Wet Hair?

First of all, you need to pour out a teardrop amount of hair serum on your palm. After this, softly squash and move the hair serum between your palms and massage it gently onto the strands, partings, and ends of the hair. Specialists do mention that serums work perfectly well on damp hair where you should note that damp over here means not dripping wet. Then, flip your hair forward and begin applying hair serum in a sheer direction where you start from the tips and move towards the roots.

Be sure to massage the tips thoroughly in order to avoid the split ends developments. Now, you can flip your hair back. Spatter about two to three more drops of hair serum onto your palms and massage it onto your scalp for a refreshing effect. Let the serum get composed for a minute or so and then move on towards styling or drying out your hair. Furthermore, the serum will begin to act as a shield against the heat wherein this helps to avoid tangles which happen to occur often in wet hair and even enable you to style your hair more effectively.

Also remember that blow drying your hair is absolutely essential when you apply as wet, serum treated scalp can cause dust and grime to stick to the scalp and that cannot mean good news.

How To Employ Hair Serum On Dry Hair?

There are a lot of hair specialists out there who utilize hair serums in order to support a hairstyle to stay in form for a long period of time. The reason being is that hair serum is a healthy option than hair mousses which tends to brittle the hair out thereby making them weaker and thinner. Take about 3 to 4 drops of serum onto your palm.

Then, you can start applying serum to the backside of your hair initially, and then move to the midsection and front areas of the head so that too much serum, which may be applied, may not wreck your hairstyle. If you still feel that your strands are still looking lifeless and dull even after application, then you need to take a drop or two of more serum and run it through the front and sides of your hair.

By doing this, your hair will begin to shine radiantly and will start to have a healthy aspect to them. Although, do be careful to not go too overboard with the application of serum since your tresses can appear to be staggered rather than being luminous.

For all hair serums, the ideal quality and product makes a huge difference

You cannot find the perfect serum at the first try itself. Therefore, as you begin to choose the best hair serum for your hair, you may need to undergo a little experiment or say, a trial and error since this can help you understand which serum works astoundingly well on your hair.

Keep your Hair Healthy with the Best Hair Serum

If you adhere to the aforementioned guidelines in mind, then choosing the perfect serum for your hair type will be a piece of cake. It is always recommended to select a good, popular brand when it comes to hair serums even if they are priced a little above your budget. Having a high-end hair serum will enable you to achieve the desired results for your hair issues.

After you have decided which hair serum is compatible for your hair, then you can move on to the next step which is to consider purchasing interdependent hair products such as high-quality shampoos and conditioner which certainly adds as a plus point for your overall hair care routine.


Realistically, hair serum treatment does not let you regrow your hair in areas where hair follicles are dormant. However, they are certainly effective when it comes to solving hair fall issues and acts as a thickening elixir where it can definitely improve the overall scalp health and offers a splendid environment to encourage the growth of existing hairs on the head.

Honestly, hair serums do not damage hair types, but, it still isn’t ideal to use a lot or too much every single day. Even the best hair serum for frizzy hair in India are promoted in order to help those who have damaged hair (dry, frizzy hair or hairs with lots of split-ends) and bring in the necessary hydration. Use it with care and don’t overapply it on your hair locks.

Technically, serums can be applied about twice daily. In fact, these are the initial products which should be used after being cleansed and toned. And yes, it is safe to use a hair serum daily.

A majority of the people utilize hair serum in order to energize brittle, dry and damaged hair. Serums are created to retain the radiant shine in hair strands which are currently dry and dull thus preventing it from getting tangled always. There are few serums which are best applied on towel-dried or damp hair, however, if you wish to style your hair then we suggest to use the serum on dry hair.

Hair serums are usually applied to the hair and massaged further into the scalp. Nevertheless, a hair serum does not resemble a shampoo product. There are sebum levels which are natural oils and are accountable for taking heed towards your scalp and roots. Applying serums directly into the scalp will enable hair strands and the overall structure to look way too greasy.

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