Best Hair Straightener In India

Best Hair Straightener In India – Reviews And Buying Guide

Hair straighteners have emerged as the modern solution for having frizz-free, smooth and beautifully straight hair which catches everyone’s eyes. Having straight hair is a much-coveted thing and never really goes out of style, and using a hair straightener, you can also create beautiful curls. Straight hair makes you feel more put together and adds a certain sophistication to your look, and if you have curly hair, it may help you switch up your look every now and then.

Searching for the best hair straightener in India can be very tricky with the new technologies coming in and every other straightener advertising new claims. This article will be your one-stop solution to investing in the best hair straighteners in India according to your requirements.

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10 Best Hair Straighteners in India 

1st Place
Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener By Philips
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Best Value
SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener By SYSKA
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3 Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Hair Straightener By Havells
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4 VEGA VHSCC-01 3 in 1 Hair Styler By VEGA
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5 Nova NHS 860 Professional Hair Straightener By Nova
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1. Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating

Philips who are one of the best hair straightener brands in India has produced according to us, one of the best hair straighteners in India in the Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener.

The hair straightener comes with keratin ceramic coated plates, which make your hair very smooth and glide on your hair while you are straightening it. It has an intelligent heat control system that will give you the perfect straight hair as if you have just stepped out of the salon.

There is less heat exposure with this hair straightener as it operates with extra care. The wide plates make it the best hair straightener for thick hair and also long hair. The straightener itself heats up quite fast and easily. It is also equipped with a swivel cord, which does not get tangled easily and can be operated very easily. This is a very popular choice for people who want to take care of their hair while styling it.


  • Keratin ceramic coated plates
  • Makes your hair soft and shiny
  • Wide plates
  • Swivel cord


  • A bit pricey

2. SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

SYSKA as a brand is extremely popular and quite famous in electronic gadgets, and the SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener is also one of the more popular options among the best hair straighteners in India. It comes with rapid heating technology, which means that the hair straightener is potent enough to heat up very fast.

The best part is that the straightener comes with a heat balance technology that helps prevent any over-concentration of heat and, therefore, any subsequent damage to the hair.

The design is very user friendly and also quite portable due to its lightweight and ergonomic design. The stylish design is also very attractive and quite efficient because of the lock function. The plates are made of ceramic coating, which is temperature resistant. It is also equipped with a 360° swivel cord for easy facilitation and movement and stops any tangling.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Travel friendly
  • Swivel cord


  • The plates are too thin for thick or curly hair
  • No temperature control

3. Havells HS4101 Ceramic Plates Fast Heat up Hair Straightener

The Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener is also a very portable design with ergonomically designed ceramic coated plates that heat up really fast. Ceramic plates usually heat up much faster than any other type, and therefore is a plus when compared to any other type of plates. It has an LED indicator that indicates when your machine is in use and therefore prevents any accidental burns.

The hair straightener’s highest temperature is 210 degrees celsius, which is a professional setting and, therefore, will give your hair a feel as if it was just straightened in a salon.

It has a long power cord, which fortunately is a swivel cord, and extremely durable and dependable. The best part of having a swivel cord is that it can bend in any way possible, and there are fewer chances of the cord breaking. This hair straightener comes with a hanging loop, so you can easily store it.


  • Ceramic plates
  • LED indicator
  • Swivel cord


  • The temperature of 210° C may burn your hair if not administered properly
  • Prone to breakdowns

4. VEGA VHSCC-01 3 in 1 Hair Styler (Straightener, Curler and Crimper)

Next on our list of the best hair straighteners in India is the VEGA VHSCC-01 3 in 1 Hair Styler is a versatile design for the best hair straightener and curler in India because it offers a three-way benefit, as you can guess from the name. It has a straightener, a curler and a crimper punched into one, and it offers a beautiful finish to your hair when used.

You can wrap your hair around the heating rod and clamp it down to use as a curler or use the ceramic coated plates to straighten it. It also creates a beautiful texture to your hair when you are crimping it.

As you can understand, it is a multi-utility machine. You can easily choose your preferred hairstyle and make the shift whenever necessary. It is fairly easy to operate because the interface is very user friendly. It has a 360° swivel cord, which helps prevent any tangles in the cord due to usage.


  • Three-in-one multi-utility machine
  • Ceramic plates
  • Easy switch
  • Swivel cord


  • Plastic lock doesn’t work that well
  • As a straightener, it does not perform that well

5. Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener

Nova is a brand that is extremely famous because of its affordability. The best part of the Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener are its ceramic plates which are of superior quality and heats up in just a few seconds. The paddles are wide enough to accommodate any hair texture and smooth it down to give a beautiful style.

Despite being affordable, it is definitely of a professional level because you can easily choose the temperature that suits your hair well.

This also easily fits in your vanity kit because of its very compact size and easy portability. The hair straightener is digitally controlled, so it automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature and is therefore quite safe to use. This safety feature is really helpful when you forget to switch off the machine; else, it runs the risk of being too hot to use.


  • Digitally controlled
  • Wide ceramic plates
  • Cheap


  • Not very durable

6. Philips BHS384 Purple Selfie Straightener

The Philips BHS384 Purple Selfie Straightener is one of the most popular hair straighteners, which is usually bought by school or college students because of its high efficiency and productivity and how cheap a product it is. You can expect a superior quality finish after you straighten your hair with this hair straightener as it has one of the best features.

It comes with ceramic plates and a silk pro care technology that makes your hair feel straightened in a salon with extra care and less heat exposure, which does not damage your hair like it would have been normally.

You can also quite easily swap between the different modes of the hair straightener’s temperature between 190° C and 210° C to have a preferred temperature according to what your hair needs. This also comes with a swivel cord which prevents the straightener from tangling up into a mess.


  • Cheap
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Swivel cord


  • Takes a bit of time to heat up

7. Remington S3500 Ceramic Straight 230 Hair Straightener 

At the halfway point of our list of the best hair straighteners in India is the Remington S3500. Remington is a brand that is quite popular with bloggers and influencers who run beauty blogs and therefore is a choice that you can easily trust. It comes with a professional range of heat setting, from 150° C to 230° C, and therefore can be used to give that salon a smooth finish. The plates are made with ceramic and tourmaline, which are both very good materials and therefore, the straightener will heat up in just a few seconds. It takes only 15 seconds to heat up.

The plates are slim, so they might not be recommended for thick or curly hair, but they are quite long and can easily accommodate a lot of fine hair. You can easily change the temperature with the help of a temperature wheel. It also has an automatic shut off technology, where it automatically switches off if it is idle for more than 60 minutes.


  • Professional range of heat settings
  • Ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • Quick heating
  • Temperature wheel
  • Automatic shut off technology


  • A bit pricey
  • Slim plates 

8. VEGA VHSH-18 Adore Hair Straightener 

The VEGA VHSH-18 Adore Hair Straightener comes with a claim that it provides salon-like silky straight, sleek hair at home, and while that may be partially true, there are a few problematic specifications. The straightener plates are made with ceramic and can heat up to a straight 210° C, but there is no temperature setting, which means that it is very easy to go overboard with the temperature and fry your hair. However, it allows an even distribution of heat and will not burn your hair but protect them from damage.

The plates are really slim, and accommodating even fine hair is difficult, and you need a lot of time to straighten your entire hair fully. However, the straightener comes with an easy lock system, which helps you close the plates and helps in easy transportation. This hair straightener can easily be stored and is also very portable.


  • Easy lock system
  • Compact and travel friendly
  • Ceramic plates


  • The plates easily lose their upper coating
  • Flimsy material

9. Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

The Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener is one of those straighteners which can easily be used as a heavy-duty straightener in parlours and salons because of its very professional setting.

It does not require much maintenance daily, and you can air-dry your hair and use this, but make sure your hair is completely dry before you use this. It will give you sleek and silky hair without having a blow-dry as well, because it has an even heat distribution plate.

The hair straightener’s ceramic plates help in even heat distribution and therefore help to have a great straightener experience. In general, it is very flexible due to the swivel cord, which bends sideways to provide a better experience. The wires do not snap easily and are extremely durable and very easy to use. It provides temperature control of 4 levels to choose the setting, which will be the best for your hair.


  • Low maintenance
  • Swivel cord
  • Ceramic plates
  • 4 temperature levels


  • A bit pricey
  • The material is not that good

10. Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener

Nova is a brand of hair straighteners that is predominantly known for its reasonable pricing. It is a popular choice among all college students because of its high productivity and specifications in certain products. The Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener becomes ready to use in just a few seconds because of its very efficient heating system.

The straightener has an innovative heat balance technology that prevents any damage which may occur due to overconcentration of heat, which happens when there is no proper heat distribution in the plates of a hair straightener.

It is extremely light and portable and is also travel friendly because it comes with a lock, making it easier to carry. It is equipped with unique floating plates that adjust to your hair’s hair strands and gives a fast and even styling, and the hair straightening lasts for 2-3 hours easily.


  • Cheap
  • Lock for easy travel
  • Portable
  • Floating plates


  • The straightening does not last that long

11. Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener

Philips is a hair straighteners brand that comes with many specifications and is very popular in the market for its longevity and durability, along with a label for having very good quality. The Philips BHS673/00 Mid End Straightener is a narrow plated hair straightener, which comes with the same keratin-infused ceramic plates.

Keratin is a nutrient present in our hair as a coating, which is extremely important for keeping the shine in your hair and promoting hair growth.

The hair straightener comes with a technology called SplitStop, which stops the hair from getting damaged and producing split ends. The maximum temperature of this hair straightener for use at home is 230℃ and therefore gives professional hair straightening right at home. This comes with 11 settings of temperature and an auto shut off technology, enabling the machine to shut off when idle.


  • Keratin ceramic plates
  • SplitStop technology
  • Auto shut off technology
  • 11 professional heat settings


  • Narrow plates
  • Costly

12. Ikonic PS Pro Hair Straightener

The Ikonic PS Pro Hair Straightener comes with tourmaline ceramic heating plates, which are extremely efficient in straightening hair and are the very best quality available in the market. These plates get heated fast and emit gentle heat because of better heat distribution and therefore ensures that your hair will not get damaged at all.

The hair straightener has a LED display with a temperature controller that replicates the straighteners which professionals in a salon use; these settings let you control the temperature setting and are easier to use because of their extremely user-friendly interface.

It uses a professional heat setting which gives you a smooth salon finish just at home.When idle for an hour, it automatically switches off with its auto shut off feature, which is useful if there are voltage fluctuations or short-circuiting, which may cause mishaps.


  • Tourmaline ceramic plates
  • LED display 
  • Temperature setting


  • Narrow plates

13. Vega Flair VHSH-01 Hair Straightener 

If you are tired of hair straightener in boring colours, then the Vega Flair VHSH-01 Hair Straightener might be the best option for you to choose. In general, Vega is again one of those straightener brands that are immensely popular with college students or people with a tight budget.

While it does not have many specifications like the higher-end ones, it does the job perfectly and is also quite long-lasting. It has ceramic coated plates which transfer heat beautifully and does not keep it concentrated and therefore does not damage the hair when paired with a heat protectant spray.

It has a power indicator light, which helps in the easy use of the hair straightener. It can heat up to 210 degrees when used and has a beautiful swivel cord that does not tangle much and does not break easily and facilitates easy operation.


  • Available in many colours
  • Ceramic plates
  • Power indicator light
  • Swivel cord


  • Straightening is not long-lasting
  • Not that durable

14. Nova NHS 840 Professional Series Straightener

The Nova NHS 840 Professional Series Straightener is an ergonomically designed hair straightener with a beautiful design that is very sleek and will fit well in your vanity. The easy to use straightener is quite lightweight, making it easier for you to hold the iron in your hand.

Other than this easy handling, the hair straightener heats up in just a minute and provides a super-fast straightening experience, which lasts quite long.

It comes with a heat balance technology that easily can distribute the heat to stop any damage to your hair like frying or burning it, which happens when the heat concentrates in just one region. The unique floating plates present easily can adjust to the hair strands and distribute even heat to even extremely thick hair. The straightening lasts easily for two to three hours. The build, however, is not very durable, and the straightener needs proper maintenance.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast heating 
  • Unique floating ceramic plates


  • Not very long-lasting straightening
  • Not durable

15. Braun Satin ST780 7 SensoCare Hair Straightener

To end our list of the best hair straighteners in India, we have the Braun Satin. Braun makes hair straighteners that are a bit pricier but provides extremely superior performance and are used by professionals to provide smooth salon hair. Braun’s hair straighteners have prolonged longevity and have good popularity among people who use high-end products. Braun Satin ST780 7 SensoCare Hair Straightener is also one of these very popular hair straighteners and has built-in sensors which read the quality of your hair and then provide a suitable program to straighten it.

It saves your hair conditions for three users, so it automatically reads your hair and remembers the last used setup and styles your hair accordingly. It has a curved edge design that is user friendly and therefore very easy to use, and it can also create curls and waves along with making your hair straight if you tweak the straightener in a different way. Despite being a bit pricey, this product, if invested in, will be worth it.


  • Built-in sensors
  • Curved edged design
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bit pricey

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Hair Straightener In India

Best Hair Straightener In India

1. Consider your Hair Type

It depends on your hair type what straightener you should be investing in because your hair texture is a great determiner. It is easier to straighten fine hair, and therefore you do not need a very powerful straightener with superior heating plates. But if you have thick hair, you would need a straightener that easily heats up; else, if you go over the same sections of hair repeatedly, it will damage your hair. If you have curly hair, then it is best to go for a straightener with wide paddles and accommodate larger sections of hair. 

2. Select the Right Plates

Most hair straighteners come with solid ceramic plates, which provide a superior all overheating and maintain temperature and heat distribution throughout the hair and do not harm your hair when paired with a hair protectant. Even better quality hair straighteners come with tourmaline plates that seal in the hair’s natural oils and prevent any damage that may occur due to heating. Some also come with titanium plates which are very durable and heats up much faster than the others. 

3. Consider Plate Width

Hair straighteners usually have narrow or wider plates, which have a certain effect on your hair. Narrow plated straighteners are easier to store and easily portable, but they don’t work well on thick or curly hair and have less heating power than the wide plated ones. However, there is a chance of you burning your hair with wide plate straighteners if you use them on fine hair because they produce a lot more heat than the narrow ones. But they work well on longer hair lengths. 

4. Check temperature settings

The amount of temperature you are using on your hair and your straightener’s settings directly affect your hair. If you have fine hair, then it is not recommended to use your straightener on high heat. If your hair is thicker or curly, you will need to use more than 200° C to straighten your hair properly. 

5. Price and Warranty

You need to invest in a hair straightener that suits your price range. Many of these straighteners come with a price range that is easily affordable for you and will not burn a hole in your pocket. The price of hair straighteners in India goes up when you buy something having more specifications. It is also better to purchase something that has a warranty. Any manufacturing defects and other technical breakdowns can easily be repaired or replaced should you face any troubles.

How To Use The Best Hair Straightener Available In India

How To Use A Hair Straightener
  • You need to towel dry your wet hair first and then completely dry it using a hairdryer.
  • Take your hair straightener and plug it in. Let it heat up for a few seconds.
  • Use a heat protectant on your hair. It will help protect your hair and will prevent any sort of damage from the heat.
  • Take small sections of your hair and put them between the open end of the straightener. Parting your hair in different sections ensures that the straightening is even in all directions.
  • In a steady and swift motion, you have to iron the hair down. You have to hold the straightener firmly but not too tightly. Holding it tightly will hurt your hair and may also crimp it.
  • Repeat on the other sections of the hair
  • Style into your favourite hairstyle.


Using a hair straightener can give you a new look and help you look put together, and make a good impression. Styling your hair can give you a lot of confidence in your personality and dress appropriately. It is recommended that you always check out and read the guide before choosing the right straightener because choosing the right straightener is tricky. The right choice will always give you the best results. Happy shopping!


You must never use your hair straightener on wet hair. When your hair is wet, and you use heat on it, your hair is much weaker and may result in hair fall and excessive frizzy hair. It is a sure shot recipe to fry your hair. You must always dry your hair thoroughly with a hairdryer before using your hot hair straightener on it. 

Any chemical treatment, including hair straightening, damages your hair cuticles and dries out your hair, making it prone to split ends and frizz. To prevent this, you need to use a heat protectant spray on your hair first so that your hair stays protected from the hair straightener’s heat. 

It is not advisable to use your hair straightener on oily hair since it contains many impurities and therefore may adversely react with the hair and is sure to fry it. You must always use a straightener on clean hair so that it does not lose any of the nutrients or moisture. 

No! You can use your hair straightener once or twice a week, but no more than that because the heat does irreversible damage to your hair and makes it frizzy and much more prone to breakage. Using a hair straightener every day would put a lot of stress on your hair and aggravate such problems. 

Straightening your hair permanently leads to many problems like hair fall, dry hair, rough hair and split heads, which adversely affect your hair a lot. So when you straighten your hair, it has to be maintained immaculately to prevent damaging your hair. You can read more about the side effects of hair straightening by reading this article.

You can carry your hair straightener in you checked in baggage or in your handbang. There are no restrictions of carrying a hair straightener in India.

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