Best Hair Wax for Men In India

Best Hair Wax for Men In India 2022 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Regardless of what type of hair you have, chances are that at least at some point in your life, you have been totally exasperated by it. All of us face hair problems. And that is why hair care products like best hair wax for men are such a rage. There is just something about our hair that makes them one of the most appealing features of our body.

They can be fussy and they can get messy, but ultimately, they help us nail that perfect look we have been craving for. You might be able to wear the best of clothes and put on the most expensive colognes and go out in what could possibly be your overall best attire, and yet when it comes to making first impressions or impressing people in general, your hairstyle plays a very crucial role.

You cannot possibly hope to carry out a very sophisticated or neat look unless your hair is in place. And that in itself sometimes tends to become a challenge. The fact is that our hair just won’t stay put in the manner we want it to.

There are some very rare and very lucky people who are blessed with the good hair gene but even for them, it becomes a challenge sometimes. And that is exactly why the hair care industry is so profitable. People all over the world need hair care products.

And it is not just about shampoos. There are in fact a whole range of products which are needed and craved by so many people. There are shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and what not. But one amazing product which has really been gaining traction these days is the hair wax.

Now, most people will relate to the fact that once we step out of the house we live in, our hair instantly loses the form we sometimes spend hours to give it and becomes just a simple mess. This is because the outside is where all of the dirt and pollution exists. And hair, being as delicate as it is, can’t handle all of that external pressure and submits to being blown away into a mess.

In order to prevent that from happening, we need to either reduce the amount of dirt and pollution that we find outside or reinforce our hair with some kind of a strengthening agent that lets it survive all kinds of external agents and still not lose form. Now, since we can’t really control what takes place on the outside, we have to make do by concentrating on our hair, and strengthening it so that it never loses its form. And that is exactly where hair wax comes in.

The best hair wax for men come in various forms and varieties. First of all, we have the numerous brands all claiming to be on top of the other in terms of quality, and on the other hand, we have the different varieties of it, which is basically one for a specific type of hair and another for a different type of hair.

There are just so many variations of it that it gets really difficult to keep track of them. The end goal for all of them is the same, which is to make our hair look good.

But it is not as simple as it sounds. You need to select just the right kind of hair wax otherwise what you basically have is a recipe for disaster. This is because if you do not choose the hair wax that caters especially to your hair type, then you might even face adverse effects. We know all of that sounds complicated, and which is why this article is a fair attempt to take you through the entire process.

We will be listing out the various factors which you should definitely look for when you are purchasing best hair wax in India and also list out all of the desirable qualities that one should look for top hair wax in India.

And then if that is not enough, we have another surprise for you. Hence, if you’re looking for the finest hair wax that would suit your hair type, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hair wax in India. Let’s have a look at them!

Top 10 Best Hair Wax For Men in India 2022

1st Place
UrbanGabru Clay Hair Wax By UrbanGabru
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Best Value
Beardo Stronghold Hair Wax By Beardo
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3 Gatsby Styling Wax Mat and Hard By Gatsby
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4 Pacinos Matte Hair Wax By Pacinos
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5 Schwarzkopf Professional Hairwax for Men By Schwarzkopf
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1. UrbanGabru Clay Hair Wax

Attention all men! If you are searching for the best hair wax in India, your search ends with the very unique UrbanGabru Clay Hair Wax. It is a sulfate and paraben-free hair wax that contains a mixture of clay and wax to provide optimum hold and gloss to your hair. You’ll get fantastic results on a variety of lengths of hair, be it short or medium.

Whether you want a classic, retro, modern, messy, spiky, or suave appearance, this wax makes it simple to achieve your desired hairdo at home without the need for barber tools or a salon.

Additionally, this product comprises natural and organic components such as Vitamin E and Earth Clay, which is important for practically every hairstyle. It also contains Almond oil, which helps to replenish the natural oils in your hair, which might be lost with frequent washing and style.

Moreover, it gives an elegant matte finish to your hair without making it oily. It’s also simple to remove, so you can retain your look for as long as you like yet quickly wash it away when you’re through.


  • Sulfate and paraben-free
  • Available in white color
  • Adds volume to the hair
  • Can be washed off easily
  • Gives an instant shine and matte finish
  • Made from organic components


  • It might not be suitable for all hair types

2. Beardo Stronghold Hair Wax

Beardo is a firm that was founded solely to serve guys, and they show it off with their macho products. Out of the various hair styling gel and wax that it produces, Beardo Stronghold Hair Wax is undoubtedly one of the best hair waxes for men in India.

This hair wax keeps your hair in place for a longer period of time while keeping it smooth and silky. This wax is ideal for guys with thicker, more resistant hair who want to match their hairdo to their outfits. Beardo employs crystal gel technology with a long hold composition to prevent hair breakage.

Because it is simple to style and wash, you may get the desired hairstyle while maintaining a non-greasy hold. Furthermore, it contains aloe vera, amongst other ingredients, which helps in soothing your scalp and preventing irritation while nourishing your hair. 

The hair wax is made with a combination of castor oil and beeswax, making it as healthy for your hair as it is for your scalp. Additionally, the Beeswax retains moisture and gives your hair a natural glow.


  • Gives a matte finish to your hair
  • Helps you get rid of dandruff
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Has a nice smell


  • Not suitable for men with thin hair

3. Gatsby Styling Wax Mat and Hard

Gatsby is a well-known hair styling wax company in India that produces quality hair wax for males. If you want the best hair wax for thin hair, along with creating hairstyles that are both chic and fit your personality, you must use Gatsby Styling Wax.

This amazing hair wax lets you style and re-style your preferred hairdos without stiffness and stickiness. It is suitable for all hair lengths, ranging from very short to medium to extremely long. It’s also great for producing intricate designs and enhancing a hairdo.

This wax may even give hard and soft hair a spiky appearance by adjusting the amount of wax to be utilized. Moreover, with this best wax in India, hairstyles last longer than usual.


  • Long-lasting impact on hairdo
  • Adds up to the volume of your hair
  • Gives your hair a matte finish
  • Suits all hair length


  • Has no impact on the hair loss
  • Excessive use of wax for a particular hairdo may be required.

4. Pacinos Matte Hair Wax

Pacinos Matte is a distinguished brand that is widely recognized for producing the best hair wax in India.  This specific hair wax keeps your hair in place for a longer period of time while keeping it smooth and silky. 

It gives your hair a classic matte finish as well as a long-lasting definition. This, in turn, makes your hair appear natural and voluminous. Pacinos Matte aids traditional and modern hairstyles for all hair types, whether they are wavy, straight, or curly.

You can simply add this hair wax to your kit and prepare to sport a variety of hairdos, including the Caesar cut, the messy look, and the fohawk as well. Additionally, it is easy to use and wash, thereby making it convenient for the user.


  • It is suitable for all hair types
  • Improves the overall hair texture
  • Non-sticky
  • Retains the hairstyle for more than 6 hours


  • Costly

5. Schwarzkopf Professional Hairwax for Men

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Flexwax Hair wax is one of the best hair waxes in India for creating innovative hairstyles. You can create trendy and elegant hairdos in a matter of seconds by applying this superb hair wax.

Its ultra-strong texture allows you to style your hair in any way you desire. Hence, it is counted amongst the top 10 hair wax in India as it offers you a professional look without even stepping out of the house or the need for professional barber tools.

The Schwarzkopf Professional Flexwax’s creamy texture makes your hair have a natural shine without making it seem greasy or weighing it down. It provides a firm grip and a matte look to your hair. This all-day, long-lasting hair wax has a nice scent and makes the hair appear healthy and nourished. Furthermore, it is excellent for achieving a flawlessly tousled appearance that will last for hours without the need for any subtle touch-ups.


  • Enhances your hair texture
  • It is long-lasting
  • Can go well with all hair types
  • Gives a classic matte finish to your hairdos
  • Has a good smell


  • Might induce hair-fall

6. Urbangabru Rebel Hair styling clay Wax for Men

This Urbangabru Rebel Hairstyling clay consists of safe and natural ingredients and gives you a fashionable appearance that lasts all day. Along with a stronghold due to the presence of Beeswax, this organic hair wax in India gives your hair a matte finish and enhances your hairdo.

All you need to do is apply this wax just once to your hair, style, or restyle it any time of the day. Moreover, you don’t have to work hard to get this hair wax out of your hair. Simply wash it with water, and you’re done!

It has no hazardous ingredients such as sulfates or parabens. It is also not tested on animals and is suitable for use on the hair.  Keratin, Bentonite clay, Red clay, and Kaolin clay are among the natural components that are present in this styling wax that gives your hair a long-lasting grip.


  • The wax is soluble in water
  • It does not consist of harmful chemicals
  • Gives you a matte finish hairdo
  • Non-sticky


  • Lasts for about 6-7 hours only

7. TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Hair Wax

While listing out the top 10 hair wax in India, it would be unfair if we miss out on this amazing TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Hair Wax. It is a top-notch professional brand designed exclusively for men who want to seem bold, trendy, and natural. It includes glycerin, beeswax, and vinyl and provides your hair with a flexible, smooth feel.

Additionally, this hair wax has a ‘Fresh green aromatic’ scent that keeps your hair smelling fresh the entire day. No doubt it is the best hair wax for men in India; this product is suitable for all hair types. Its long-lasting hold and style control can be attributed to the Bed Head styling polymers, which provide lift, grip, and definition to your hair.

It gives you a matte appearance and along with optimum texture. The best part is the wax has anti-humidity properties.


  • Natural hair wax
  • Stronghold
  • Gives a matte finish to your hair
  • Adds volume to hair
  • Great fragrance
  • Anti-humid product


  • Costly

8. Ustraa Strong Hold Hair Wax

Ustraa Strong Hold Hair Wax includes natural elements that moisturize the scalp, making it safe for daily usage. It has a strong grip and can keep the style in place even in hot weather. Moreover, you do not have to shampoo your hair in order to wash it off. 

This hair wax is appropriate for all hair types and lengths, ranging from short to medium length. This is the best hair wax for men in India for a reason. It is non-sticky and will not leave your hands sticky after usage. The wax does not include any hazardous Fixatives, such as petrolatum or paraffin.

Additionally, it aids in the retention of the natural oil of the hair and the maintenance of hair hygiene. It is antibacterial and antiseptic in nature as well.


  • Can be washed off easily
  • Non-sticky
  • Does not consist of harmful chemicals
  • Comes with a pleasant fragrance
  • Strong-hold
  • Free from Paraffin


  • Does not last for more than 6 hours

9. Beardo Creme Power Hair Styling Wax for Men

Hairstyle is equally as essential for males as it is for women. Beardo Creme Power Hair Styling Wax for Men is the ultimate solution whether you want a professional appearance, a rougher look, or both. It consists of Ozokerite Wax that adds thickness to hair, provides long hold, protects your hair shade, and also keeps the hair non-sticky.

The Beeswax acts as a natural hair moisturizer, enhances your hair growth, protects it from hair loss, and facilitates effortless styling. The prolonged effect, along with shine and volume, can be attributed to the Carnauba Wax present in the hair wax.

It even protects your hair from pollution, thereby making it one of the best hair waxes for thin hair. This hair wax has such a strong grip that it may be molded at any time to modify your look.


  • Gives a matte finish
  • Prevents hair fall and dandruff
  • Enhances hair growth
  • Has a great fragrance


  • A bit costly

10. The Man Company Machismo Stronghold Hair Wax for Men

The Man Company Machismo Stronghold Hair Wax is one of the best wax in India and amongst the premium hair grooming brands for men. After applying it to the hair on a daily basis, it has a long-lasting impact. Additionally, it gives your hair a firm grip that lasts a long time and gives you a trendy look.

The product contains natural components. It features a water-soluble composition that makes it easy to remove without affecting the cream’s grip throughout the day. Unlike other men’s hairstyle products, this hair wax is devoid of petroleum jelly and has beeswax as its main ingredient, which does not clog your hair follicles.

Furthermore, it contains natural essential oils like olive oil, almond oil, and vitamin E. These components help in moisturizing and conditioning your hair to prevent split ends, thereby making it healthier.


  • Lasts long with a stronghold
  • Matte finish
  • Contains essential oils for promoting healthy hair
  • Free from petroleum jelly, SLS, and Paraben
  • Water-soluble


  • Not suitable for long hair

Best Hair Wax for Men: What to Look For

Best Hair Wax for Men

1. Pay Attention to the Brands

Now you might think this is a very generic point, which it actually is. When it comes to buying products online, the first thing you have got to pay attention to is the kind of brand that is selling the product.

More often than not, these brands will give you a good indication of what the product is aiming to sell and whether or not it would be worth buying. For grooming products especially, this stands truer because such products are generally risky in nature.

You never really know what you are buying if you are a first time user and thus, the only way for you to judge what is inside the bottle is through the brand name. If the brand sounds good enough, there is a high chance that the product will turn out good too and won’t actually cause any side effects or anything of that sort.

If however, the brand is something you have never heard of before, then you might want to stay a little wary and cautious before buying or actually using the product.

Now since we promised that we aim to help you with this article, some of the well-known brands in the market when it comes to hair wax for men are Beardo, Ustraa and Gatsby. Please note that these are the brands which you can completely trust without hesitation.

2. Your Hair Length?

This might seem like another obvious one but is actually quite important. As we have stressed before, hair wax differs slightly for different kinds of hair. For example, if you have rough hair then you would require a different kind of hair wax as compared to someone who might have silky hair. Similarly, hair wax also differs and comes in different versions while considering long or short hair.

You might think that the variation might not be great and may choose to ignore it altogether, but be aware that while some products work really great for long hair, they fail to hit the mark when it comes to short hair and vice versa. This is why it gets really important to distinguish your product on the basis of the length of hair you have.

3. Existing Hair Problems

Now, this is a really serious one. If you are suffering from one or more serious hair problems, then you really do need to be careful about your hair wax options. If you have been suffering from hair fall, dandruff or even something as basic as split ends, then you really do need to read the package carefully and opt for a wax that doesn’t, in any way, aggravate your problems further.

This is because not all hair wax is made organic or all natural and, in fact, some of them are loaded with artificial chemicals. You just need to learn how to separate the good ones from the bad. One thing that might help is relying on the trustworthy brands that we mentioned earlier on.

If you, by any chance, happen to bring the wrong product home which is full of chemicals then it could potentially aggravate your hair problems and make them worse, which is why it is always a good idea to carefully read what is written on the package.

If you do that, you get a clear idea on what you are paying for and can thus, make an informed decision whether to use it or not.

4. Budget

Now another very crucial aspect of almost all kinds of shopping is the budget. The way it works is that people often tend to confuse between expensive and quality. It is a common misconception that whichever product costs the highest must also be the most effective and the safest on the skin.

However, the reality is slightly different. While it is true that some products are expensive solely because they use ingredients of high quality and manage to perfect a formula that gives them the best of products, this is not a universal fact.

In fact, sometimes, you might come across products which are expensive purely because they come from a good brand or for some other irrelevant stuff that doesn’t really add value to the core product. In such cases, it is always better to go with the more affordable and also more effective product.

It is extremely important to not overstep your budget and stay within the confines of a healthy transaction both in terms of money and quality.

5. Wax Odor

Now you may not actually suspect this, but almost every hair wax carries with it a distinct smell that it then proceeds to translate to your hair. What that means is that if you choose to buy a product which carries a smell that you do not particularly like, then you would be stuck with bad smelling hair for as long as you leave it on.

Therefore, it is always advisable to take a good whiff before you buy the hair wax in case you may not like the particular musk that comes with it. And in case you do, then it simply adds more value to a product which you already like, so everyone’s the winner.

Now that we are done with all of that information, it is time to move on to the crux of the matter. What is about to follow is a list of ten of the best products for hair wax in the market. We have paid great attention to detail and only selected those which we found truly worthy for consideration.

Take note that no matter which product you select from this list, you will definitely walk away with a great deal for yourself.


The above-mentioned article, in particular, provides information on the best hair wax in India for various hair lengths and types. In men, hairstyle is usually the first thing that people tend to notice.

So, it is equally important for men as it is for women to give their time and effort to style their hair. We hope you found the perfect match for yourself in this list of best hair wax in India. Happy styling!

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