Best Home Pull-Up Bar In India

Best Home Pull-Up Bar In India

Pull-ups are an advanced form of exercise which is extremely beneficial if you want to work on your core strength and want strong functional strength for your upper body. It develops your muscles and builds your strength and is predominantly a tougher form of exercise. Most gyms have pull up bars that your trainer will suggest you use, but in the difficult situation we are in, not many of us have the liberty to step out of our houses and visit the gym. The least we can do is bring home the pull-up bars so that we can keep our body in shape. 

A pull-up bar is a great investment if you are someone who exercises daily and has a home gym because then it will be a valuable addition to it. You can invest in different types of pull up bars – some are door pull up bars, and have to be attached to the wall or the ceiling, and they are secure enough to carry your entire body weight. There are pull-up bars available in a stand form and they take up a bit of floor space, so if space is something you are short on, then having a wall-mounted pull up might be your best option.

Best Pull Up Bar In India For Home

1st Place
Kore K-WM-CHIN UP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo By Kore
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Best Value
GOCART WITH G LOGO Nonslip Carbon Steel Doorway Gym Bar By GOCART
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3 Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar By Joyfit
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4 Starz Wall Mount Chin Up Bar (Foldable) By Starz
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5 Magic Home Gym Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar By Magic
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1. Kore K-WM-CHIN UP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar and Ab Strap Combo

The Kore K-WM-CHIN UP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar comes with an ab strap combo which is very useful for resistance training. The company is very famous among gym-going members and other equipment dealers because of its very consistent branding and good and durable quality.

This pull up bar consists of ab straps, a solid piece of pull up bar which is a very good material and comes with parallel grips and the necessary mounting equipment, which are needed for an easy installation. The fixed pillar length is 20 inches, and the top rod is 38 inches. 

Have you ever the palms of your hand red and sore after doing multiple pull-ups? Luckily for you, you won’t have to experience that when you are using this pull up bar as the pull-up bar has padded foam that makes it comfortable to use. 

Usually, the pull up bars are constituted of iron, which is prone to corrosion and rust, and therefore the Kore K-WM-CHIN UP-BAR-SR-ABS Pull-Up Bar comes with a black powder coating to prevent all of that, making the pull-up bar very durable.


  • Durably built
  • Padded foam grips
  • Black powder coating
  • Three grips


  • The ab strap quality is very poor
  • The M8 anchor bolts are not recommended for installation; use M10 anchor bolts for added safety

2. GOCART WITH G LOGO Nonslip Carbon Steel Doorway Gym Bar

The GOCART WITH G LOGO Nonslip Carbon Steel Doorway Gym Bar is an exceptionally stylish product that will shine in a home gym. Other than that, do not go on its good looks since it is extremely heavy-duty and can withstand higher weights.

This pull-up bar will help you build your strength and work on your core muscles and tone them for an increased upper body strength. The beautiful foam grip pads present on the bar are soft and long-lasting and give you superior grip strength, and are also very stable. 

There is absolutely no doubt that these stable grip pads are very comfortable to use as it also very effortlessly minimizes wrist strain, since your wrists and hands are the most abused portions of your body during a pull-up.

The pull-up bar’s body is made of carbon stainless steel which is pretty durable and immune to any rust or corrosion, which are usually relevant problems in most push up bars. The bar is round in shape so that there’s increased facilitation of using the bar properly. This is great for sit-ups, triceps, leg stretching and other exercises. 


  • Adjustable
  • Perfect for pull-ups, crunches and chin-ups 
  • Non-slip foam grip 
  • Portable
  • Durable


  • Cannot withstand weights above 75 kgs

3. Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar

The Joyfit Home Exercise Workout Bar is also a Doorway Pull up bar with adjustable bar length and can fit any door between 60 to 100 cms. You have to fix the bar on your doorway and then you can start working out.

This workout bar’s best feature is that it is equipped with a safety cap since doorway pull-up bars are usually very flimsy, and this safety cap has to be inserted into the door frame to lock the bar inside it. This ensures premium safety, and there is no chance of loosening and therefore is a good way to ensure that your bar can take up to 100 kgs of weight without the bar getting loose. 

The Joyfit pull-up bar has many good characteristics like; non-slip, non-toxic, non-smelly, and extremely comfortable grip as it has a high-density foam as its handgrip prevents your hands from getting hurt during the workout session. 


  • Adjustable length
  • Safety cap
  • Comfortable grip 
  • High-density foam


  • Grip rubbers aren’t that good
  • The width is a little small for pull-ups when used in the normal doorways.

4. Starz Wall Mount Chin Up Bar (Foldable) 

A major plus of the Starz Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is that it is foldable and can therefore be stored someplace where it does not take a lot of space. Having something that requires such little space is a blessing for those who have small homes but still want to invest in body building equipment such as these.

The Starz Wall Mount Chin Up Bar is a reasonably priced pull-up bar in India, and it is ideal for pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups and crunches. You can therefore use this tool to work on your back, shoulders, chest, arms and abs. This makes the tool very versatile, which is beneficial and valuable if you have a home gym. 

The Chip-up bar from Starz also enables multiple grip positions, you can easily alternate between three – narrow, wide and neutral. This is a wall-mounted pull-up bar that needs to be mounted and screwed on the wall for proper use.


  • Fold able
  • Reasonably priced
  • Full upper body and abs workout
  • Three grip positions


  • Difficult to install
  • The fasteners with the packaging aren’t that strong.
  • Less distance from the wall

5. Magic Home Gym Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Chin up Bar

The Magic Home Gym Multi-Grip Wall Mounted Chin-up Bar is also a wall-mounted bar that can help you have a good fastened pull up bar for your home gym. This is beneficial if you have little space in your household and want something really durable and easy to use. 

This bar has to be screwed into the wall and provides three alternate grip positions – narrow, wide and neutral, designed angularly, and can easily accommodate a large amount of weight. The design is very sturdy and heavy and therefore definitely very durable. 


  • Wall-mounted 
  • Three grip positions
  • Durable build


  • The locking mechanism is not that good.
  • Anchor bolts are not good. 
  • Quite hassling to install

How To Choose A Pull Up Bar For Home

You have to choose a pull-up bar to install, which you can easily put up at your home without it being a hassle for you. Some free-standing bars will take up a bit of space, and others require only the door frame and a strong ceiling to be installed on. The kind of bar to choose would ultimately depend on your specifications like space, body weight, design and grips.

Types Of Pull Up Bar

How To Choose A Pull Up Bar For Home

A. Free Standing Pull Up Bar

If you do not want to drill holes into a wall or into the ceiling to put up a mounted pull-up bar, then a free-standing pull-up bar might be your safest bet to invest in. The only problem is that you will have to have a bit of space to put this. Usually, these bars are present in a square frame platform, which supports the frame properly to make it stand upright. These are multi-purpose in use; you can use them to do dips, leg raises, and push-ups and provide an altogether gymming experience. These bar frames are usually 7 feet tall and are also termed as power towers. These have no installation charges and no wall damage and are suitable for use if you live on rent and do not want to drill holes into the wall. 

B. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall-mounted pull up bars are better than most free-standing or doorway pull up bars because they are more sturdy and can hold more weight than your average pull up bars. Even men and women on the heavier side of the body mass spectrum can use this because this is much safer to use than a doorway pull up bar or a free-standing pull-up bar. It doesn’t use suction cups or take up extra space and is also much more secure than the hanging rod with chains which swing and are much more challenging to use for beginners. This is mounted on the wall using screws, and the only problem is the installation which requires drilling into the wall. These also come with multi-grip options. 

C. Doorway Pull Up Bar

A doorway pull-up bar in India is usually prevalent in two types of specifications. One of these is available with screws, and the other does not come with a screw and instead comes with suction pumps. Obviously, the ones with screws are much more durable and stronger than those with the suction pumps. The one with the suction pumps is easily portable, so if this is a major convenience for you, it is better to invest in this type. These are not very safe because they are usually flimsier and cannot support much weight, and tend to block your door. 

D. Ceiling Pull Up Bar

Ceiling pull-up bars are not much popular in India due to the absence of proper ceiling grip, because in India, we use the rings to mount ceiling fans more than anything, which makes the installation difficult. Therefore these aren’t very dependable as a pull-up bar because you need a proper ceiling to install these and these are also not very durable, due to it rotating sideways, which may be problematic for some beginners.

E. Multigrip Vs Straight Pull Up Bar

A straight pull up bar has only one grip and can only be used for one purpose. However, a multi-grip pull-up bar has much more specifications and can be used for a plethora of purposes. You will be able to use many other grips and adjust them accordingly to find your perfect fit and can even shift in between workouts to properly work the muscles of your core body. If you have bad shoulder pain, you can use neutral grips or close grip pull-ups to facilitate a better workout, not aggravating your pain.


Having a pull-up bar in your home can prove extremely beneficial for those who work long hours and can barely find time to go to a gym and workout to bring the best results. Even when you do a lot of exercises, doing pull-ups is harder than most exercises and it brings much strength to your core and builds your strength. It is recommended to understand the specifications and read the buying guide for finding the correct fit for your specific needs.

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