Best Shoes For Men in India

Best Shoes For Men in India 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A right outfit is comparable to choosing the right words for expressing yourself comfortably. You can express yourself in an elegant manner by wearing stylish yet comfortable shoes. You may have seen a lot of celebrities sporting stylish and versatile accessories at Premiere Shows or Award Functions. Shoes enhance the overall look of the outfit. Choosing the best shoes for Men in India may sound basic, but you have to keep your daily routine and outfit in mind while choosing them. Certain shoes are meant for particular outfits or activities only. Clothes and shoes are important for portraying self-expression. They are important for our aesthetic, but they should prove to be beneficial regarding factors such as climate, comfort, activity, etc.

One must wear shoes which are practical, comfortable as well as flattering. Formal shoes are great for meetings and corporate jobs. Flat shoes are good for walking. If you are working at jobs where your shoes have a high chance of getting dirty, then you must buy a pair which is easy to clean. During summer, your shoes must match the measurements of your feet. Lose the shoes if your toes are hanging over. The shoes which won’t fit you will be easily noticeable by other individuals when you wear them. You can’t try on the shoes if you are buying them online. To tackle this problem, use a measuring guide which contains measuring instructions.

Lose the shoes if you don’t feel comfortable in them. You may have a splendid pair of shoes which is painful to wear and it is wise to avoid wearing them. Posture is strongly influenced by shoes. If you wear a pair of shoes which aren’t comfortable, you will be looking funny while walking. The shoes are too small for you if your toes hurt a lot while wearing them. The quality of your pairs of shoes matters the most than the number of pairs you own. It is always better to invest in a pair of shoes which are classy, durable and comfortable than buying 4 cheap pairs which will be out of the trend later.

Top 10 Shoes For Men in India 2022

1st Place
Bourge Men’s Vega Pearl- z2 By Bourge
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Best Value
Nike Flex Runner (GS) Running Shoes By Nike
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3 Skechers Go Walk 5- Qualify Shoes By Skechers
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4 Puma Rebound Lay Up Lo SI Softfoam By Puma
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5 Red Tape Men Nordic Walking Shoes By Red Tape
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1. Bourge Men’s Vega Pearl- z2

Bourge is a well-known manufacturer of sports shoes, school shoes, casual shoes, sliders, sandals, and slippers for men and women. They provide gear for running, training, and fitness, as well as performance and sport-inspired lifestyle things. The Bourge Men’s Vega Pearl- z2 is a high-quality shoe that excels in performance, durability, and comfort. 

It has a bounce-back ethylene-vinyl acetate sole that provides exceptional comfort when walking, jogging, running, and playing high-intensity games.

This product comes with a soft foam cushion for enhanced comfort, ensuring that it’s stylish and comfortable, with excellent breathability and grip. These sneakers are easy to put on and take off. They are even ranked #2 on Amazon in terms of sales, demonstrating that they are the best sneakers for men. A 90-day warranty is included, ensuring that they can be exchanged if they lack quality.

2. Nike Flex Runner (GS) Running Shoes

Nike is one of the most popular brand names in the shoe market, with a reputable customer satisfaction history. The Nike Flex Runner (GS) Running Shoes has a leather sole with a leather mesh for advanced comfort and warmth, along with leather on the sides for extreme structure and support, and is one of the best walking shoes for men. 

It even has soft foam cushions for the feet to keep you comfortable during physical activity.

They offer multiple designs, colors including smoke grey, university red, laser blue, lilac, and pink foam under this model, so you are spoilt for choice. This design has received excellent customer reviews for its minimalist pattern and stable structure that provides a sturdy grip and optimum comfort during extended physical activities. The item weight is 358 grams, and the dimensions are 22.2 x 15.9 x 9.09 Centimeters, keeping it light and bouncy.

3. Skechers Go Walk 5- Qualify Shoes

Skechers Go Walk 5- Qualify is an excellent option for optimal comfort during walking, jogging, or running. It offers lightweight, responsive ultra go cushioning and high-rebound comfort pillar technology and also sports a lace-up fastening for added comfort and a rubber sole. This variant is 224 grams in weight with an exterior material made of a black color mesh

Skechers GO walk 5 also features air-cooled Goga Mat insole technology for comfort, soft knit mesh fabric, and a synthetic top in a lace-up walking shoe design.

Underfoot, the responsive ultra go cushioning high-rebound comfort pillar technology reacts to each stride for maximum comfort. The Skechers Goga Mat breathable insole offers high-rebound cushioning, while the dual-density outsole gives stability and support. The synthetic top and delicate woven knit mesh fabric are machine washable. 

They’ve added smooth synthetic overlays to the toe, laces, and heel panel for increased durability. It features a smooth tactile finish and a solid color pattern. This shoe comes with a three-month guarantee from the manufacturer. 

4. Puma Rebound Lay Up Lo SI Softfoam

Puma sneakers are comfortable and long-lasting, and at the same time, are also stylish and functional. The Rebound Lay Up Lo is a fresh take on the iconic low-cut basketball-inspired sneaker. This sleek shoe mixes classic and modern basketball-inspired style with a perforated forefoot, clean, monochrome lines, and the signature PUMA Formstrip to make you stand out on and off the court. 

The comfort sock lining delivers soft cushioning every step of the day for fast step-in and long-lasting comfort.

The top is made of synthetic leather, while the outsole is made of rubber, and at the heel, there is a PUMA Wordmark. It has a synthetic leather top and sturdy sole construction for a supportive and comfortable feel. 

It boasts extra details like perforations on the vamp and the signature PUMA form stripe marking, giving it a classic basketball appeal. The soft foam and sock lining provide great cushioning and ultimate comfort for every step of your day.

5. Red Tape Men Nordic Walking Shoes

The Red Tape Men Nordic Walking Shoes has a memory foam insole that ensures breathability and comfort for extra comfort. High-quality nylon laces are included, and extra upper cushioning and comfort are provided by the lightweight insole. Comfort and grip are improved thanks to the high-quality padding in the collar and tongue upper. 

The additional lightweight stretchy padding with rubber on the outsole protects the shoe from early wear and tear in crucial strike zones.

This Red Tape variant sports a rubber sole for added traction. The closure-type is a lace-up, and its toe-style is round-toe. Its dimensions are 31 x 21 x 11 Centimeters, and it weighs around 800 grams. It comes with a product warranty of up to 90 days to protect you against any defects. The best way to keep them in their ideal condition is to allow them to air and deodorize regularly.

6. New Balance Men’s Fuelcell Echo Shoes

The sole of the New Balance Men’s Fuelcell Echo Shoes is constructed of rubber, and it is a medium-width shoe. The FuelCell midsole foam has the best energy return compared to all the other memory foam currently on the market. This memory foam is high quality and provides a propulsive effect to help boost you ahead, making it the best shoe for men in India. 

The new, modern shape of these entertaining and useful sneakers is sure to turn heads. The attractive design stands out with kid-friendly features, and their ultra-heel design hugs the back of the foot, providing a snug and supportive fit.

They are seamless and secure, i.e., made to keep up with growing feet. These sneakers’ tight bootie upper structure softly grips youngsters’ feet as they move through their busy days.

It gives all-around comfort, with the breathable mesh and sturdy synthetic materials that provide lightweight comfort and support without slowing them down. The item dimensions are 33.53 x 20.83 x 12.95 centimeters and weigh around 792 grams.

7. Nike Men’s Downshifter 11

The Nike Men’s Downshifter 11, comes with a rubber sole, medium width, and a snare-type closing style. These shoes are designed to be used when racing or jogging, so the canvas is the exterior materialClosed mesh on the rear of the shoe helps secure your foot during all-out sprints, while open mesh on the forefoot allows for maximum ventilation. 

A smooth ride is provided by the soft foam and flex grooves underfoot. 

The Nike downshifter 11 is all about improved cushioning and support. As you push through your kilometers, the lightweight and cushioned design will keep you going. The measurements of the product are 33.53 x 21.59 x 11.18 centimeters. The piece weighs around 612 grams.

8. Red Tape Men’s Classic Sneakers

Faux leather is used for the sole of these Red Tape Men’s Classic Sneakers. Lace-up is the type of closing, and the breadth of the shoe is standard. Synthetic leather is utilized for the outer layer, while the toe style is a round toe. This device comes with a 90-day guarantee from the manufacturer, ensuring it can be checked and protected against damage. 

Red Tape has perfected the classic sneaker by creating an extremely comfortable yet fashionable men’s lace-up shoe in the most in-demand color – navy blue.

It features a mushy polyurethane (PU) top mat and a rubber sole, and its craftsmanship speaks for itself. The measurements of this item are 34.5 x 21.5 x 12.8 centimeters, and it weighs around 600 grams– making it lightweight and easy to wear. Priced at around 1,700, these are some of the best shoes under 2000 in the sneaker range.

9. Puma Men Sneakers

Puma is a global sportswear company with a history of creating rapid product designs for the world’s fastest athletes dating back over 65 years. Their performance and sport-inspired lifestyle items are top-tier. The dimensions of this product are 1 x 1 x 1 centimeter, and it weighs roughly 500 grams

Rubber is used for the sole, and Hook & Loop is the type of closure used. The width of the shoe is medium, and the top is made of synthetic material- ensuring breathabilityquick-drying and maximum comfort. 

Rubber is the lower-cost option. This device comes with a 90-day guarantee from the manufacturer, to protect you against any defects, and for clean and long-lasting use, the product should be wiped clean using a dry towel.

10. Hummel Unisex- Adult Hmlstadion lii

These Hummel sneakers have a modern-chic design that is trendy and stylish. You may up your fashion game by pairing your shoes with smart casual clothes to create a sophisticated yet fashionable look. This model sole is composed of suede, and the lace-up fastening is used. The width of the shoe is medium. 

This type is around 750 grams in weight. It is 11.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm in size. These shoes will ensure that your feet stay dry due to the cushioned sole and breathable top. The lightweight and comfortable lace-up comfort walking design is a great addition. A plush padded collar is supplied for optimal comfort. It should be washed in cold water on a moderate cycle and allowed to dry.

What To Look For In A Shoe

What To Look For In A Shoe

Knowing about the basic parts of a shoe will help you to choose the best casual shoes. The following factors must be considered before buying a pair of shoes:

Achilles tendon protector: The Achilles tendon protector locks the shoe around the heel and thus, reduces stress on the Achilles tendon.

Heel collar: It ensures a proper fit by cushioning the ankle.

Upper: It is made of mesh, synthetic material or leather. Upper holds the shoe on the foot. The upper made out of mesh is lighter in weight and it also allows better ventilation.

Insole: It supports your Arch and foot. You can take out removable insoles for drying them.

Outsole: The outsole makes contact with the ground. Traction is maintained with the help of treads and grooves.

Toe box: Calluses are prevented by round and roomy toe box. It provides space for toes.

Feet vary in many sizes and shapes. While buying a pair of shoes, you must consider the size and shape of your feet. Don’t buy a pair of shoes which are too tight or uncomfortable for your feet. You may suffer from painful calluses and blisters if the shoes are too wide or too narrow. Foot disorders such as hammertoes and bunions can be aggravated if the toe box does not offer enough space for the toes.

Benefits Of Wearing Good Quality Shoes

Benefits Of Wearing Good Quality Shoes

While buying a pair of shoes, the majority of people concentrate on aesthetics rather than health. A pair of good quality shoes has a lot to do with the healthy feet. Throughout the day, the weight of our body is carried by our feet. Thus, you must choose good quality shoes. The following are the benefits of wearing good quality shoes:

1. The material of the shoes defines their quality. Being a breathable and natural material, leather allows the feet to breathe, eliminate foot odor, reduce the proliferation of fungi and bacteria as well as regulate moisture. It is necessary to keep the shoes with corresponding wooden shoe trees for improving the absorption of moisture. The wood absorbs moisture from the atmosphere as it has the hygroscopic property. By maintaining optimum moisture levels, wood cleans the environment. Wood decreases the risk of allergic or infection reactions for limiting the occurrence of bacteria and mites along with providing welfare.

2.  Foot odor is prevented by good quality shoes. If a shoe is made of synthetic material, it produces the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. You will get rid of smelly feet by choosing good quality shoes.

3.  Discomfort is avoided by quality shoes. During the day, the foot tends to widen. Deformities in the toes are caused by narrow shoes. A shoe made up of good quality material helps to avoid inflammation and friction.

4. You can save money by buying good quality shoes. Compared to shoes of poor quality, they last longer. They should be kept hydrated, protected and clean. You should avoid wearing the same shoes 2 days in a row for giving them a chance to breathe. It extends the durability of the shoes.

5.  Your feet are kept safe from injury through shoes. Even if you are walking on grass, it won’t be safe to walk bare-footed as you never know about the change of the grass having rocks or sharp objects like glass and other items which can cause injury. If your foot is encountered with a sharp object, then the germs can cause an infection in the open wound. For avoiding such instances, it is better to wear shoes to make sure that your feet stay safe and healthy.

6.  Shoes can provide you with a good grip, depending on what kind of shoes you are wearing or where you are. Wearing shoes during holing will help you to grab onto terrain and rock easily. For different activities, there is an availability of several types of shoes. It is beneficial to purchase shoes according to a particular activity or purpose.

7.  It is claimed by many barefoot advocates that it is better to run without shoes for a good posture. However, the point made isn’t true. Your posture can be corrected in wonderful ways if you wear the right shoes such as athletic orthotics. Walking barefoot can only help up to an extent. Our bodies will suffer by walking without support as they rarely have naturally proper posture. Hence, it is necessary to use orthotic inserts or wear supportive shoes for improving your posture. Your back, hips, knees, ankles, and feet can be aligned with the help of orthotic shoes.

8.  It would be beneficial to wear shoes if you have a foot condition. There is a right amount of cushion in orthotic shoes. They provide the support which is required by people daily. Many foot conditions can be eliminated and reversed by wearing the correct kind of shoes. Thus, it is vital to wear shoes for those suffering from a foot condition. You can go barefoot in safe places where there are no chances of landing on sharp objects. Wearing shoes regularly will correct your posture over time as well as improve many ailments.

Shoes can tarnish or solidify the entire character of an outfit. They play an important role in the overall look of an entire outfit. However, wearing the wrong kind of shoes will ruin the entire look. A huge difference is made with the right kind of shoes. An outfit is complimented perfectly by the correct pair of shoes. An outfit is destroyed by the incorrect pair of shoes. The following factors determine the right pair of shoes for any outfit:

Occasion: The occasion can either be for a party or formal function or casual wear. For such occasions, you must avoid wearing a pair of sandals. You have to consider wearing a certain kind of shoes depending on your work/role in the occasion.

Time of the day: One must know that at certain times of day, there are certain shoes one must consider wearing. A person with good fashion sense won’t wear a pair of sandals for the late-night party. However, it’s not a good idea to wear shoes for a party which is being held in the daytime.

Style of the outfit: Varying levels of style is provided by certain garments. Thus, shoe choice is essential. A stylish outfit can be produced by an unexpected choice of the shoe if you are creative enough to do so.

It is better to complete any look with the correct kind of footwear, no matter if you are wearing sandals, boots or sneakers. You can choose an unexpected pair of shoes for an outfit. But it is good to go with a certain pair of shoes for an outfit rather than risking the entire look in an attempt to try something new. A poor choice of footwear can ruin the outfit. If you wish to feel and look great with a certain look, it is necessary to wear the correct kind of shoes for a particular outfit. It depends on your style and tastes too. Each one of us has a unique style. Regarding fashion and shoes, not everyone follows any kind of honor system or code. You may choose a certain kind of shoes based on your personality.


Hope that you have gained sufficient knowledge about choosing the right pair of shoes for your feet through this article. Choose any pair of shoes from the top 10 best shoes for men, mentioned above. All of them are from the best shoe brands for men and are worth your money. A good pair of shoes won’t go unnoticed on formal and informal occasions. You have good chances of receiving praises for your overall outfit by wearing the best shoes.

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