Best Watches for Men In India

Best Watches for Men In India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In the childhood days, getting the toy wristwatch was a joy and showing it off was immense pride. However, now in adulthood, the itch to buy the right and impressive watch bother men and women alike. There are many best watches for men and women in the fashion accessory market today. Though, the definition of ‘proper watch’ is vague, because the actual description is ‘a watch which displays time without mechanical failure and lags’. But ‘horology’ essentially covers the purpose, yet not the appearance of the timepiece. There is more detail to a wristwatch than a necklace that a woman will carry on herself. For instance, if you ask a watch-bore the difference which sets apart an automatic from quartz, he or she will stare at you as if you threw his or her most excellent whiskey in a bonfire to keep it burning.

Fortunately, the Indian horology market is packed with almost all international brands as well as some domestic brands that have made a global presence. Though, know that knowledge about horology will give you that necessary edge to make the sharp decision on the pieces that will serve both your purpose and personal style. Finding the best watches for men to buy may sound a bit complicated, but they are not.

Product Comparison

Best SmartWatch
Apple Watch Series 6 By Apple
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Best Analog
Fossil FS4545 Chronograph Watch By Fossil
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Best Hybrid
NoiseFit Fusion – Hybrid Smart Watch By Noise
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Best Value
Mi Smart Band 4 – Fitness band By Mi
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5 Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch By Casio
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Top 10 Best Watches for Men In India 2022

1. Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS , 44mm)

Isn’t it quite often that you hear some elder citizen was saved from an impending heart condition due to the warning signs their Apple Watch gave them? We sure do! The sheer accuracy of these fitness tracking add-ons of the Apple smartwatch put them in an entirely different league.

An apple watch makes for an extremely helpful gift to someone with existing health conditions or to general fitness enthusiasts. Some might view them as costly or overvalued, original iPhone fanatics know the deal.

The Apple watch combines seamless connectivity and precise health tracking in optimal proportions. Paired with your iPhone, you can receive and review calls and texts right on your wrist without having to check your phone all the time.

Further, depending on the variant of your Apple watch, you get varying access to health tracking features. For instance, the Series 6 comes with Blood Oxygen App and ECG App that is not found in the Apple watch SE or the Series 3. However, all of them are equipped to notify you for high and low heart rates indicating irregular heart rhythm that might require immediate medical attention.

In addition to the blood oxygen and ECG app, the watch also features a sleep tracking app that enables you to closely monitor and optimize your sleeping pattern. Coming to the more common yet important features, the Apple watch can closely track your daily activity levels and tell you the calories burned for your selected activities throughout the day.

 The watch comes in 44- and 40-mm case sizes in addition to different color strap styles. Customization? You have a right combination for every event. A bunch of cool watch faces to select from, further give you more room for personalization.

2. Fossil FS4545 Chronograph Mens Watch

Fossil is also known for its simple yet elegant designs in all its lifestyle products; including the timepieces. The FS4545 shows the time with utmost clarity on a contrasting black multi-dial.

The format is easy to see three-hand, while the time is measured accurately to the last second. The date is displayed numerical format in a circular window that is situated at 3 o’clock.

There are 3 extra multi-dials, luminescent hands, silver markers and numbers, which portrays the style with the highest level of elegance. The finish is done in a combination of silver and copper which will make heads turn towards you.

The design is durable and sturdy, where the 45 mm casing is made of stainless steel and has an 11 mm thickness to it. A 22 mm black leather band with buckle clasp makes the wrapping of this watch on the wrist much snug and safe against any possible slipping. The mineral glass crystal is scratch resistant, while the battery supports the quartz calibre effectively. It can endure water spills on it while going to the depths up to 40 meters in the water; without stopping. With a 2-year domestic warranty, this 168 g chronograph watch is good to use every day, while bestowing a masculine persona to its wearer.

3. Noise NoiseFit Fusion – Hybrid Smart Watch

Packing a hoard of enticing features while still being very attractively priced, the NoiseFit Fusion, is without a doubt, our favourite smartwatch in the current market. For those that are looking to upgrade to a digital smartwatch but yet have a thing for the good old analog, what would be better than having them both in one!? Exactly, we don’t call it our favourite for nothing. The NoiseFit Fusion is a hybrid smartwatch that essentially fuses the modern-day digital mode with the classic analog mode. Okay, let’s break that down, shall we?

The watch comes with a 1.22” (diameter) digital display, loaded with a bunch of cloud-based watch faces to choose from.

Meaning, you can choose a different watch face every day, essentially giving you the feel of wearing a different watch every other day. In addition, there are two mechanical arms (the hour and minute arms) that make up the analog part of things.

These mechanical arms keep moving to tell you the time any minute of the day. Pretty basic, right? Here’s the kick. When connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, the hour and minute arms move and align along the horizontal diameter, leaving the display clean for you to be able to read the notification, the second you receive it. And when the display turns off, the arms move back to showing you the current time of the day.

Another aspect where you want a digital smartwatch to work well, is the battery life. The NoiseFit Fusion aces in this department in as well. The battery for this hybrid smartwatch lasts 30 days in the analog mode and up to 3 days in the digital mode. Not bad, in our opinion, given that it keeps tracking your step count, heart rate and calories burned in the background.

Further, the watch is resistant to water induced damage for up to 5 ATM pressure. That number corresponds to a water pressure at around a depth of 50 meters. Meaning, the watch would not sustain any damage in regular rains or even with conventional swimming sessions.

Overall, a pretty decent mid-range smartwatch for daily use, primed to add convenience to your daily activities, workouts and more.

4. Mi Smart Band 4 Waterproof Fitness Band

The ever-popular Mi Smart Band has gained its share of popularity from being one of the most feature-packed wrist watch cum fitness trackers in the space. It has been around for longer and still beats newer releases from a value-for-price perspective.

The fitness band can be bought for as less as 2,000 INR and yet completely dwarfs the number of functionalities that come with some overpriced fitness trackers.

For starters, the Mi Smart band comes with a large AMOLED display with adjustable brightness. This alone could potentially be a massive selling point for some. Smart bands have a bad reputation of not having a very clear display, especially during the day. Further, you never have to see the same watch face day after day. You can select from a wide assortment of watch faces including pictures from your smartphone gallery. Pretty neat feature for an affordable fitness band!

The band connects to your smartphone device via Bluetooth and enables you to access your calls, messages and social media notifications with extreme convenience. In addition, you can control your music, change songs, adjust the volume as it automatically syncs with your device and your Bluetooth earphones.

As for the core features of this ‘fitness band’, it features an activity tracker, sleep monitor and a heart rate tracker for you to keep a tab on your fitness. The band being water-resistant for up to 5 ATM, you can even use it track your calorie output in activities like swimming. To give that number some perspective, the fitness band would not sustain any water-induced damage up to 50 meters. All of this with a battery life of 20 days simply makes it one of the most attractive options out there.

5. Casio Enticer Black Dial Men’s Watch

The Enticer series of Casio has a variety of analog watches, and this is one of those best pieces that you would like to try and buy. Casio has enticed the Indian consumers for more than 3 decades now.

They are well known for their calculators and digital timepieces, but this MTP-1374D-1AVDF (A832) is a fabulous work of quartz calibre and comes with a domestic warranty of 2 years.

The mineral glass dial colour is black while the round casing material is Ion-plated, with a multi-dial display to show off to the people around you.

Its stainless steel silver colour band compliments the watch body and can settle on the wrist glamorously. The bandwidth is 22 mm with 53 mm case diameter and 10 mm case thickness. It weighs 231 g and has a water resistance depth of 50 meters. Though, do rinse the watch thoroughly when you had a dip in the ocean.

6. Titan Neo Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

The Titan is one of the best watch brands in the nation that has always brought classy and elegant pieces to the consumers. The NK1730SL02 has black colour dial in a round case that is 44 mm in diameter and 9.45 mm in thickness.

It does weight 240 g but considering the wearer will not get into serious sports activities because of its brown 22 mm leather band, the weight should not matter much. This quartz analog display watch can withstand 50 meters of water resistance depth and a good lot of direct splash of water to it.

Titan as a brand has always delivered contemporary and sleek timepieces that have matched with the need for the finesse and style of the urban dwellers as well as explorers. Hence, trusting Titan will never let you down.

7. Fastrack Black Magic Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

An analog watch by Fastrack, NK3089SL05 has a round brass casing with mineral dial glass. It comes in black colour dial and brown leather band with buckle closure to comfortably strap around the wrist.

The watch has quartz calibre, and it has 47 mm x 40 m of case diameter. It has plain three hands point towards the Arabic numerals in the intervals of five minutes as well as slanted lines that mark intervals of one minute, for the convenience of reading the time easily.

The crown on a silver coloured case allows the wearer to adjust time. At 132 grams, it has a water resistance depth of 50 meters, which is a decent number. Indeed, it is one among the best watches for men in the nation.

8. Fossil CH2882 Chronograph Mens Watch

An American brand of lifestyle products, Fossil has its creativity rooted in the authentic classic and vintage designs. From the year 1984, they have been striving to create the products that set standards for high-quality while preserving the best done in the past while consciously updating it for the consumer of the present.

The unique style of Fossil reflects in the chronograph men’s watch CH2882. It is essentially a model made for season end style where the dial colour is silver with mineral dial glass and a brown leather band that has buckle clasp to keep it classy.

This 168 g wrist watch has a 44 mm diameter case that is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 13 mm. At a water resistance depth of 100 meters, it can withstand a maximum water resistance pressure of 10 Bars making it a stylish timepiece for divers and snorkelling enthusiasts.

9. Casio Youth-Combination Analog-Digital Black Dial Men’s Watch

Another Casio in the list. The AEQ-110W-2AVDF (AD208) has an analog-digital display, while it is a quartz calibre watch that will resist water depth up to 100 meters.

The black dial has a blue resin 20 mm wide band which sits well on the wrist and doesn’t let the watch slide up or down the forearm. At 45 mm case diameter, it is good looking and attractive to wear and also to show off at social events.

Since it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, it gives a lot of room to use it without stress yet make sure not to make a physical dent to it or its mechanism. The warranty will lapse if there is external damage or internal damage; physically.

10. Casio Edifice Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Casio’s Edifice series has its own fan following and loyal buyer base who look forward to another new watch from the brand. The EF-130D-1A2VDF (ED417) has a screw-lock crown and back, while the casing is partially ion plated.

The18 mm wide silver coloured stainless steel band has a 3-fold clasp, 1-press double lock mechanism to keep the timepiece securely on the wrist. Its black dial in the round stainless steel 40 mm casing with mineral glass dial gives accurate time because of its quartz calibre.

The date and day are displayed on its 4 o’clock. At 259 g this is a slightly heavy wrist watch, but for the classy and technologically rich feeling it renders to its wearer; the weight can be compromised upon. The water resistance depth is 100 meters while it has a 2-year domestic warranty against all and any manufacturing defects.

11. Titan Analog Silver Dial Men’s Watch

Titan does have a good ground in India when it is about analog watches for men. The NK1698SL01 has a silver colour dial with mineral dial glass on a 42 mm diameter brass casing that is 10 mm thick.

Weighing at 209 g, it has a 22 mm leather band in brown colour which makes the watch disqualified for getting involved in any sports that involves water spilling or complete submersion.

This quartz watch is most essentially a dress watch that goes well with both formal and casual occasions. The 2 years of warranty is against any manufacturing defects that may be found by the user, after purchase. Titan likes to maintain a good reputation with its consumers, so you can be sure that they will pay attention to your suggestions as well.

12. Casio Enticer Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

You may think that we are promoting Casio brand, but the reality is that Casio Enticer series has captivated much of the Indian watch market. The MTP-1291D-1A2VDF (A414) is another Analog quartz calibre watch from the house of Casio, which has its own specifications that makes it stand out of the series.

Its round stainless steel 55 mm casing comes with a blue colour dial and stainless steel band in silver colour. The band’s width is 22 cm, and its case diameter is 35 mm. Its 10.5 mm thick case contains everything that delivers an accurate time with a calendar in a day and date display.

It weighs 231 g, and the water resistance depth is 100 meters which is good for people, who are into water sports and scuba diving.

13. Fossil Dean Chronograph Black Dial Men’s Watch

Another chronograph from the house of Fossil, FS4721 is deemed as having a stylish edge to it with a metallic body that is classy to look and feel. The 45 mm casing with 11 mm thickness is made of stainless steel.

The black dial is covered with mineral glass and gives captivating features to its wearer. The 22 mm wide band material is stainless steel with deployment clasp, and in silver colour, it looks just right.

At 168 g and bearing a water resistance depth limit to 50 meters, it is light enough to wear in the water sports and also renders safety against accidental water spilling on the watch. It has 2 years of international warranty to the product against any manufacturing defects. Indeed Fossil serves as one of the best watch brands for men.

14. Casio Analog White Dial Men’s Watch

You would ask why Enticer series of Casio? We will answer because it is one of the best watch brands in India. This 281 g chronograph watch by Casio has white dial in a round casing that measures 35 mm in diameter and 10.4 mm in thickness.

This multi dial watch has mineral glass atop, while quartz calibre keeps it precise. The 20 mm brown leather strap makes it look classy and also let it fit snuggly on the wrist. With 50 meters of water resistance depth, it has the looks, but since the strap is of leather, it is best advised not to venture in the water.

However, occasional rain and accidental water spills over the watch will never harm this watch. Add to that the 2 years of domestic manufacturer warranty, and you are safe to enjoy the timepiece.

15. Fastrack Black Magic Analog Blue Dial Men’s Watch

A bit colourful entry in this list is the NK3089SL01 Black Magic Analog Men’s watch that is counted among the best watch brands in India, just like all the other in this list.

This watch has a 40 mm round brass case with 10 mm wide black leather band to firmly keep it on the wrist. The blue dial beneath the mineral glass looks good to the eyes and makes other appreciate its design.

The quartz calibre makes it accurate, and at 132 g it is a good watch to go swimming with as it has a 50-meter water resistance depth. It has a 1-year warranty on its battery and 2-year warranty on its calibre. A good deal from Fastrack that should be checked by you.

16. Timex Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch

Times is deemed as best watch brands for men in the domestic watch market. This analog watch has grey dial in a round 45 mm diameter brass casing.

The leather band is 22 mm wide and serves very well in keeping the watch snuggly fit around the wrist. Its quartz calibre ensures that it tells the time accurately, while the 68 g of its weight makes it the light most wristwatch in this list.

If you are into elegant, classy and functional watches with weight as an issue, then this is what you can go for without thinking twice.

How To Choose Between The Best Watches For Men in India

Best Watches for Men In India

As always, there are a few factors that you must observe before you finally decide to pick the favourite and buy it.

1. Movements

Comprehending how the watch works, first; is the way to go forward. The movements in a watch are important, which is known as ‘calibre’ in technical terms and it is essentially the mechanism inside the watch. The tiny yet extremely complex engine which ‘ticks’ the watch is the core of every watch. There are three types of calibre.

A) Quartz: Back in 1969, Seiko, the watchmakers of Japan brought quartz movement. It challenged the timepiece houses that used the traditional mechanical calibre to power their timepieces. The quartz calibre started the era of wristwatches that are battery-operated. The quartz watches run on the battery which sends the electrical signal through crystal quartz piece. The quartz piece vibrates exactly 32768 times each second, which creates a signal that has a specific frequency. These vibrations are counted by a circuit and then converted into a single pulse for each second, where a consistent movement of watch hands are the outcome of this particular pulse.

The quartz calibre has many benefits. It gives accurate time, which ensures an accuracy that is superior. Since they are battery-powered, they are easy to use. It has less number of moving parts which makes it low maintenance and less expensive. On the other hand, since it has less moving parts which also lowers the requirement for maintenance and repairing, it becomes much more durable than other calibre of watches.

B) Mechanical: A spring runs the mechanical calibre. This spring is also known as the mainspring, which requires to be periodically wound. The mechanical or simply manual timepieces virtually perform a similar function such as those done by the quartz calibre. However, it catches the fancy of almost all the horology enthusiasts because it has the complex moving gears connected with spiralling springs that fuel the watch hand’s movement with an accuracy that is precise and elegant.

Few of its rotor mechanisms work in perfect conjunction with earth’s gravity, compressing its mainspring when the wrist moves and create kinetic energy which then fuels the mechanism of automatic winding. These watches have an intricate mechanism that can be described only as art; to be specific. There is some manual calibre watch that transpires into completely different entities. They are no more meant for a reading time but more appropriately meant to be cherished as a collector’s item.

There are a plethora of benefits from mechanical watches, which is longevity that may even last for a lifetime and can be given to the next generation as a family heirloom. There is no need of battery replacements while manual rewinding of the mechanical wristwatch is also seen by many as a ritual of sorts. Most mechanical timepieces come in a casing that is built of clear sapphire on its back that gives a clear view of fascinating oscillations and rotations of the tiny parts.

C) Automatic: It is also known as the self-winding watch, which is a mechanical watch which harnesses the kinetic energy from the wearer’s wrist movement and natural motion. Thus, its mainspring gets automatically wound from all the natural movement the wrist of the wearer makes. Hence, manual winding is never needed. Since there are additional rotors which are the metal weights, which spins with every motion of the wrist; the watch is thick. A good and reliable automatic watch will always be heavy because of the multiple rotors that are there.

The need to change the battery or manually rewinding the wristwatch is no more needed with automatic watches. The more they are used, the watch continues to function.

2. Type of Watch

There are 5 main type or genres of wristwatches. Such a variety is essential because of the style requirement and their utility for different occasions.

A) Diving Watch: It is designed to work in the water, especially in the deep oceans where divers dive. Its main characteristics are its luminous hands and dials, unidirectional bezel and rugged construction. It sits atop the case and could be used to see how much of immersion time is left for the wearer. Majority of the diving watches get their design from 1953 Rolex Submariner, which was the first wristwatch to work at 100 m depth. Nonetheless, a diving watch is an excellent all-rounder which is also a fine, versatile choice that its wearer will never regret buying it.

B) Aviation Watch: In 1911 Cartier, the watchmaker introduced an aviation watch for Alberto Santos Dumont, who was a pioneering pilot. It has the slide rule, and a bezel can give a massive volume of information which was important for pilots in those days when electronic navigation was not introduced. Majority of aviation timepieces still have the luminous dials and numerals on the black face, which is easy to use in the night.

C) Driving Watch: Similar to diving and flying, the motorsport also got it its own watch that had a stopwatch, as well as a tachymeter which would measure the speed of the vehicle. It gave more of a masculine glamour and similar level of utility experience to its user. There have been many brands that brought out this design of watch when the automobile industry boomed in the western world, and people needed to show off something. However, the utility was always kept atop the style which made these watches extremely attractive in both feature and appearance.

D) Dress Watch: This kind of watch is most likely a jewellery-like timepiece that is usually super-thin, so it can go unnoticed when the wearer is wearing it. They are meant to be concealed under the cuff of the wearer until he requires to see the time. The strap is mostly leather which helps in keeping the watch stick to the wrist, without moving at all. It usually has Roman numerals on a simple face, and it lacks in adornments that decorate the other kind of watches. Most of the dress watch has precious metal to make their body.

E) Minimalist Watch: This is mostly chosen by people, who prefer fixed-gear bikes, adorn nice facial hair and Apple Mac devices. Such minimalist watches tend to have quartz calibre, but some have a combination of manual as well as automatic calibre to them. It is mostly picked up by people who believe that the interior mechanism of a wristwatch is as vital as its exterior appearance.

3. Pricing

Now, this is a tricky part because you may ask, why a particular watch of an upscale brand is selling for 50,000, and an identical watch of an unknown brand is selling for 1000? It is all about the material, brand heritage and manufacturing time. Since quartz watches are low cost, they are cheaper if you buy a local brand, but costly if you buy a Swiss brand. The automatic calibre watch will cost more because often they are in-house made and rigorously tested. However, the body of those watches tends to have better design and made of a precious material which is crafted by expert watchmakers; which can be bought with trust. Though, fixing a budget to buy a watch will help a lot here.

4. Complications

The extra hands and dials in the watches are known as ‘Complications’. They make the ‘chronograph’ watch which has stopwatch functionality that is used predominantly in the motorsports model to ‘GMT’. It gives a fourth hand which could be set for the alternative zone of time that the wearer wants. Though, we do not need complications in the present era of technology when the phone alone can do a lot, but then; that is certainly not the point here. A complex complication; compliments!

5. Size

Similar to the no typical size for wrist set in the watchmaking, similarly there is no typical watch size. Though few timepieces have large cases, a majority of them have 34 mm to 44 mm diameter size. The diameter size of 34 mm to 40 mm is recommended for slighter wrists, while timepieces with case size up to 46 mm are considered best watches for men for who have a rugged persona with oak tree wrists. Also, know that the case thickness does affect the appearance of the watch. A 10 mm thick watch will settle better under the cuff in comparison to a 15 mm thick watch.

6. Straps

Design and material of the straps that bind your watch to the wrists are indeed vital to the characteristics of the timepiece. The metal bracelet does look good on chunky, masculine watch, whereas the leather could be the choice for all dressy and conventional watches. Though, leather straps are not recommended for people who lead an active lifestyle that involves sweat and water; metal is best suited for that. People who lead a relaxed life with most of their hours spent in the office or on a desk prefer the lightweight leather strap.

7. Accuracy

Quartz watches are extremely accurate in keeping time, but the automatic only loses or gains 30 seconds in an entire week span. However, if you are looking for a mechanical watch that is super-accurate, then go for a ‘chronometer’ watch that is recognised by COSC. They make for 6% of all the mechanical watch manufactured and cost a lot. Though accuracy in time matters a lot, unless you are a scientist and refer to your watch for the timings of the experiment; you can relax on accuracy.

8. Vintage

Though the modern watches lose their worth with time and many new models, attract the buyers. Still, many watches have an increase in their value as time passes, if they have been made by exceptionally popular watch-smiths. Sometimes, there are watch manufacturers who made good timepieces till they seized making them anymore; cost a lot more now in comparison to many advanced watches. However, the price of such vintage timepieces is decided on their functionality, restoration convenience and cost as well as availability for purchase.

Once you have checked all the above factors, you would wish to see what is available in the market. And this is where we have tried to put together a comprehensive list of wrist watches for you. The best part about these timepieces in the below list is that you can just order them online and wear them as soon as they arrive.

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Finding the right watch to suit your style and needs could become a bit of trouble if you know less or nothing about the watch. We have brought the best information and list of the watches available in India, which you can take help of. However, do know that the above watches are meant for standard and daily usage. There are certainly more advanced and feature-rich intelligent watches, but they would be expensive and usage specific.

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