Hair Serum Benefits and Side Effects

Hair Serum Benefits and Side Effects

Suppose you’re the kind to experiment fairly regularly with hair care products but still cannot come upon the perfect product even through the process of trial and error. In that case, you fall under the vast majority of individuals who have also expressed concerns with something being missing in their hair care routine.

If you, too, feel like deep conditioning and applying oil to your hair just isn’t cutting it anymore, then allow us to introduce you to the benefits of hair serum.

Making its way to rising popularity recently, hair serums can be extremely easy to incorporate into your existing hair care routine – while also acting to protect your hair against damage and making it glossy, in a way similar to hair oil, not quite.

Here, you will find a comprehensive guide on hair serums, how they work, how you should use them, and most importantly – whether there are any known side effects to using hair serum.

What Is Hair Serum

As opposed to other products pertaining to hair care, hair serums work in a slightly different way when it comes to providing your hair with shine and hydration. Most hair care products claim to penetrate right to the cuticles and the core of your hair strands – on the other hand, hair serums only protect your hair by coating them on the surface.

This coating of hair serum forms a protective layer around the strands of your hair, thus acting as a barrier between your delicate hair and the rough environmental damage that may be caused to it.

Hair serum does this owing to its rubber-like quality, which mostly stems from the silicon base that is used in it.

Used as a versatile product that is extremely easy to incorporate even if you already have a hair care routine in place, hair serum benefits you while working against environmental pollution and protecting your hair’s smoothness.

Is Hair Serum the Same As Hair Oil?

While hair oil and hair serum consistencies might be quite similar, it is easy to be confused about their function. While hair oil and hair serum resemble each other in terms of texture, the way they function is quite distinct.

While hair oils penetrate the hair strands to hydrate them from the inside with the help of fatty acids that they possess, hair serums work their magic externally by coating your hair for maximum protection.

Additionally, while hair oils can be utilized by a variety of individuals with different hair types, hair serums are preferred mainly by those who sport unruly and frizzy hair that is difficult to tame.

Lastly, hair oils can make your hair seem heavy and weigh it down; hair serums, on the other hand, are quite lightweight and don’t weigh your hair down owing to the predominant presence of silicon in them.

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What Does A Hair Serum Actually Consist Of?

As mentioned before, hair serum consists mostly of silicon – and if you think that this rubbery substance can weigh your hair down and make it seem heavy and overly oily, then you’ll be surprised at how lightweight it can make your hair feel.

Since it evaporates off your hair in due time, it can make your hair seem hydrated to look at and silky to touch. With the help of extraneous ingredients that hair serum contains – namely, various amino acids as well as ceramide, the fibers of your hair are revitalized and are prevented from drying out.

Who To Use A Hair Serum?

While hair serums can be used by anyone regardless of hair type and texture, it is mainly preferred by those with unmanageable and frizzy hair that they just cannot seem to tame.

This untameable mane of hair is exactly what hair serum works for – additionally, if the ends of your hair have been damaged by various chemical processes and have thus started to dry out, then you’ll find a friend with the hydrating properties of hair serum.

Lastly, if you often find yourself having bad hair days with frequent tangles and frizz, then it might be time to introduce yourself to the many benefits of hair serum.

How To Use Hair Serum?

How To Use Hair Serum

It is important to know exactly how one should use hair serum in order to see optimal results. Once you have zeroed down on the hair serum that you want to be trying out with respect to the hair concern you want to address, it is time to apply it to your hair.

The first thing you’ll need to do is use your regular shampoo and conditioner in order to wash your hair – here; you can even skip the conditioner owing to the hair serum you’re going to apply. Once you have washed your hair and dried it with the help of a towel, you’ll need to apply your hair serum once you have ensured that your hair is somewhat damp.

You’ll then need to take a small amount of hair serum onto your palms and heat it up by rubbing your palms together. As far as the actual application goes, it is best to start from the hair nearest to your temples and work your way to the tips. Gradually coat all your hair with hair serum and then brush it out, styling it in any way you want.

What Are The Benefits of A Hair Serum?

Benefits of A Hair Serum

1. Great for Detangling Hair

If you’ve been looking for the solution for managing particularly thick, voluminous hair that refused to be detangled no matter how many hairbrushes you switch, then try using a hair serum for the same.

Your hair often tangles due to being rough and dry – and both of these problems are efficiently taken care of with the help of hair serum. The application of hair serum makes your mane much softer and controllable than before, so running your brush through your hair will now be easier than ever.

2. Does Not Make Hair Sticky

As opposed to hair oil which is infamous for lending too much moisture to your hair owing to its deep-conditioning properties, hair serum is much lighter and surprisingly does not make your hair as sticky.

No matter whether you’re using homemade hair serums or cosmetic hair serums, you can still reap all the benefits of oiling your hair without undergoing the greasiness of the same.

3. Gives Hair Shine

If you’ve been long-suffering due to your hair appearing dry and brittle outwardly, then hair serums can fix that. With the property of hair serum that has it coating individual strands of hair rather than seeping into them to function, it reflects any light that falls on your hair – effectively making your hair look silky and glossy with minimal effort just by the mere application of hair serum.

4. Protects Hair

Hair can be surprisingly delicate – and is thus affected by a variety of aggressors and damage from the external environment. Even weather conditions, chemicals, and styling that involves heat can be adverse for your hair.

Luckily, hair serums remedy this by forming a protective coating around all strands of your hair – effectively acting as a barrier between your hair and environmental influences that may potentially damage your hair.

5. Ensures Minimal Hairfall

Not only outwardly, but hair serum also strives to nourish your hair from the inside while making it look externally glossy as well. Hair serum acts in a way so as to repair damage to your hair fibers and follicles – which, in turn, can reduce the chances of hair fall. If your hair seems brittle and breaks easily, then hair serums can help tremendously as well.

6. Revitalizes Hair

If you’re someone who subjects their hair to frequent bleaching, coloring with hair dyes, heat-bassed treatments such as smoothening and straightening – then it’s natural that your hair must have incurred a significant amount of damage.

This extensive damage can be fixed with hair serums while also preventing further weakening of your hair structures by heat styling and chemical treatments.

Potential Side Effects of Using Hair Serum

As with most products applied to your hair, over-application of hair serum can result in too much of a good thing and eventually damage your hair. As with hair oil, applying too much hair serum can often begin to wear your hair down and make it have a greasy look instead.

While the silicon in your hair serum can protect you from external damage while providing a glossy effect to it, overusing hair serum and its inherent silicon may result in far-reaching consequences for your hair in the future.

Many individuals have also expressed concerns that hair serum disadvantages them while drying out their hair in multiple ways – especially if they’re using hair serums that are not optimized for their hair type. Lastly, hair fall and weakening hair roots can be potential problems of overusing hair serums and causing hair serum side effects.


Hair serum is the new, up-and-coming quick solution to give your hair that shine and gloss that it has been missing for various factors. The formula of hair serum is unique in that it functions by resting on your hair strands rather than working all the way to your roots – but this ensures that hair serum not only revitalizes your hair from within but also from the outside.

If you’ve wanted a quick fix that you can incorporate just as easily into your elaborate hair care routine, then hair serum is absolutely the product for you.

However, as with all products, it does have its downsides when used in excess. It is important to choose the perfect hair serum for you in terms of hair type, texture, quality, and other parameters that will greatly influence the effectiveness of the hair serum. With some minimal research, you too can get your hands on this amazing product that is guaranteed to be a hair care regular for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

As said before, overusing hair serums and their inherent silicon content can lead to a variety of side effects for your hair. To steer clear of them and getting the most optimal results for your hair, you can choose to use hair serum not more than three times every week.

While hair serum works best with damp and freshly washed hair, it is also used by many throughout the day in order to provide a retouched effect to your hair. The former is recommended since it essentially locks in the freshness of your hair when it is untouched by external pollution.

Inherently, the correct application of hair serum does not cause hair fall. However, one of the many side effects of using hair serum that is not optimized for your hair quality and type is frequent hair fall, so make sure that your hair serum is suited exclusively to your hair type.

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