How To Get Bigger Eyes Naturally And With Makeup

How To Get Bigger Eyes Naturally And With Makeup

Your eyes are the most striking feature of your face. Having big, dynamic eyes is one of the top beauty goals for many girls. Some girls are blessed with big and beautiful eyes, but you can still achieve the look with a bit of trickery if you’re not one of them. Suppose you’re wondering how to get bigger eyes naturally and permanently. In that case, there are some things you can do, such as staying hydrated and exercising regularly, to help you get what you want.

However, suppose you want to make your eyes bigger instantly. In that case, there are makeup tricks that can provide you with amazing results. In this article, we’ve decided to assist you in this endeavor by compiling a list of tips and tricks on how to make eyes bigger with and without makeup. Keep reading to find out.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Naturally

How To Get Bigger Eyes Naturally

1. Work On Well Defined Brows

The brows frame the eyes nicely. However, you must first know that they appear naturally defined. If not, you can define your brow shape with a pencil, a gel, or brow mascara with pigment.

When the brows are longer than curvier, the eyes appear naturally bigger. If you’re going down for a lifting, make sure to groom the brows more towards the ears rather.

2. Address Early Signs of Eye Bags

Eyebags can be extremely bothersome. It makes the eyes appear smaller and tired. Never disregard the first signs of eyebags. Reduce your sodium consumption. To avoid this, massage your face regularly and drink plenty of water.

Many tools, such as gua sha, are available on the market to help depuff eye bags. Massage it into your face and eyes in the morning to get a fresh look and bigger eyes for the rest of the day.

3. Curl Your Lashes

Your lashes are the focal point of your eyes. The shape, length, and thickness of your lashes determine whether your eyes appear smaller or larger. The more curved the eyelashes, the larger the eyes appear. So remember to curl your lashes.

Warm your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for a few seconds before curling them. It will remain for a longer period. Begin with a thin coat of mascara and work your way up. It will help your eyes stand out and appear more prominent.

4. Facial Exercises

Massaging the face improves blood circulation and relaxes the eye muscles. There are pressure points in the face that can be massaged regularly to help depuff the eyes. It removes excess fluid from the eye area.

Doing these facial exercises regularly will help you develop sharp eye features over time while also preventing the onset of wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is essential for beautiful, glowing skin. The area around your eyes will be plump and taut if you keep your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals throughout the day.

Always use a good moisturizer around your eyes to avoid dryness and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming prematurely. Be gentle with the skin around your eyes because it is very delicate, and intense moisturizers can irritate it. If you have sensitive skin, you should use an eye cream instead.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

How To Get Bigger Eyes with Makeup

1. Use Eyeliner

Using eyeliner all over your eyes will make them a bit smaller and closed in. Instead, apply eyeliner only to your top lid to keep your eyes open while still looking precise. A tight line on the upper eyelash line and winged outward from the center and up at the corners will lift and enlarge your eyes. Don’t draw the line from the inner corner of the eyes. It will make the eyes appear smaller, and too much product will make it look sloppy.

2. Use Highlighter

One of the best tricks for making eyes appear more significant is to use a highlighter. Choose a pearly eyeshadow or highlighter with shimmer to highlight specific areas of the eyes. To make your eyes stand out, apply it to the brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, and the very center of your lid. Highlighting your brow bone to create a lifting loom, your inner corners to brighten them, and the center of your eyelids to open them up.

3. Erase Dark Circles

Having dark circles might not give you bigger and beautiful eyes. It makes the eyes look exhausted. If you also have extremely dark circles, you should look for a peachy tone to counteract the purple undertones. Then use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. Now buff underneath and around the eyes to get even coverage.

3. Define Your Lower Lash Line

Applying eyeliner to the entire eye evenly will make your eyes appear smaller. However, defining the lower lash line is also necessary to achieve larger eyes. Apply a thin line of brown eyeshadow from the outer corner to the inner corner of your lower lash line. It should be applied just below the lash line but not in the waterline of the eyes. This line will help to get a larger eye effect by creating the perfect balance.

4. Reduce Puffiness

Eyes will appear smaller if there is swelling and puffiness around them. You can reduce puffiness by getting enough sleep, applying cold tea bags to your eyes, and limiting salt intake. For a faster result, wash your face with cold water and exercise to increase circulation.

You could also place a couple of spoons in the refrigerator for a few minutes before removing them and holding the curved parts over your closed eyelids.

5. Contour Your Crease

The primary goal of contouring eyelids is to enhance the natural color of the eyelids and add definition to the eyes. Use a brown or natural shade for your crease to give your eyes a nice shape. Blend it in thoroughly with a blending brush. For a more natural look, blend the eyeshadow out to the tail of your brows. If you want a more dramatic effect, you can also add your colors too.

6. Use Of Dark Shadow

To make your eyes appear larger, apply a darker color shadow above your natural eye crease. It gives them a lifted appearance and makes them appear larger when you open your eyes. Try to keep the dark shade to the crease only. It gives an illusion of defined eyelids. Extending the color towards your eye will make your eyes look smaller.


I hope you find this article helpful. Makeup is secondary. The most important thing is to take care of your skin and health. That will give you a glowing look every day. Exercise regularly

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