How To Remove Tan From Face Naturally

How To Remove Tan From Face Naturally

Let’s be honest, tan bothers everyone irrespective of gender, and you just want to learn how to remove tan from face immediately. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing you need, and we can help you learn how to remove tan from face immediately without using harsh or harmful chemicals.

After all, looking good is a priority for us, and tan is just an uninvited member on this journey. Let’s get into how to remove sun tan from face using natural products without wasting time.

What Is Tanning?

Sun is the main culprit when it comes to bringing down your complexion and causing tanning. The overproduction of melanin causes the tanning to protect skin from overburning or getting harsh skin burns. And living in a country like India, most of us can’t get by summers without getting tanned thanks to the scorching heat.

Melanin is a brown pigment and produced by specialized cells called melanocytes present in our skin. These cells react to UVA rays of the sun and create more melanin in the exposed areas like arms, face, etc. So, next time when you’re buying sunscreen make sure to check if it protects your skin against UV rays.

Now what to do if you’ve already got tanned and want to prevent permanent discolouration? For starters, we suggest taking immediate care of the affected area and not hurry the process of healing with the help of any harsh chemicals.

Tan Removal Treatments

Tan Removal Treatments

A. Natural Remedies To Remove Sun Tan from Face

When the concern is removing the tan, there is no major difference between how to remove tan from face for women and how to remove tan from face for men. Only people with sensitive skin should pay more attention whilst others can use these natural remedies to get rid of the tanning in a month or so.

1. Use Sandalwood And Turmeric To Remove Tan From Face

How To Remove Tan From Face

Sandalwood has been the secret ingredient for beauty for centuries. All of us have heard our grandmothers suggesting us to use sandalwood for any skin problem we face, and somehow it always worked. So, in our first method, we will use sandalwood’s magic and combine it with turmeric’s healing properties.

Turmeric in this mixture will help add antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and skin-lightening properties to the mixture. Sandalwood will act as a coolant in this pack, and turmeric will also help you fight any possible acne here. To make this face pack, take three tablespoons of turmeric and sandalwood and use a few drops of rosewater to mix them well. You should mix these ingredients until they become a thick paste and apply it evenly on your face. Let the mixture dry for 15-25 minutes and then clean it using a circular motion. You can also use this mixture to remove tan from your arms and other parts of your body.

2. Use Multani Mitti And Rose Water To Remove Tan From Face

Rosewater has impressed even the most beautiful Mughal ladies, and we would have to be fools to ignore the use of its miraculous effects when it comes to our skin. Rosewater has anti-inflammatory properties, and it reduces skin redness. It improves skin complexion, helps fight acne, and reduces puffiness. You can even consider it as the magic ingredient that can improve your skin’s health three folds at least.

For this pack, use three tablespoons and one tablespoon of rosewater and mix it until it’s a thick paste. The rosewater will help bind the mixture together for easy application, and sandalwood acts as a gentle scrub. Apply this paste on your skin evenly and let it dry for at least one hour then wash it using a gentle scrubbing motion on your skin.

3. Use Oatmeal And Buttermilk To Remove Tan From Face

How To Remove Tan From Face Using Oatmeal And Buttermilk

Oatmeal not only helps improve your gut health but also works as an effective scrub for your skin. Oatmeals have been used as a soothing agent for ages, and it helps soothe itches and dry skin. It contains avenanthramides that act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory plant chemicals. It reduces puffiness, skin irritations, and improves skin health.

Now combine it with buttermilk that helps achieve a natural face glow. It removes acne, acne spots, and tanning dramatically when used for a long time. To prepare this mixture, you should have three tbsp of oatmeal and two tbsp of oatmeal and mix it until you have a coarse paste. Apply it and let it dry for 15 minutes and wash using circular motions. 

4. Saffron and Milk To Remove Tan From Face

Saffron can remind anyone of all the delicious desi meals and believe us when we say it works like magic on your skin too. Firstly, it is an ideal ingredient for dealing with breakouts and acne problems due to its anti-bacterial and inflammatory properties. It has medicinal properties that can help you fight acne and improve skin health within days of use. 

On the other hand, milk adds a natural glow, works as a skin lightening agent, and helps your skin get extra soft. To prepare this pack:

  1. Soak saffron overnight or for eight hours in water.
  2. Add milk and sugar to this and mix it until the mixture has a runny consistency.
  3. Apply it to your face, let it dry for thirty minutes, and then wash using circular motions. 

If you are someone who is prone to acne, you could try these foundations that will be better suited for your skin.

5. Use Milk Cream And Strawberries To Remove Tan From Face

Use Milk cream and strawberries to remove tan from face

No one can deny how we can’t help but get tempted after listening to milk cream and strawberry in one place. Milk cream has been the ritual followed by lots of women to get soft and glowing skin. So even if you just use milk cream for five minutes and you’ll see amazing results soon.

But we wanted to get even better results, so we combined the goodness of strawberries with milk cream. How do strawberries help improve your skin and remove skin tans? Well, strawberries contain compounds like ellagic acid and anthocyanin. These help skin lightening, reduce skin tan, soothing skin burns, protect against UV rays, and fight any skin problems. For this mixture, combine mashed strawberries and add milk cream to it. Mix it until it reaches a runny consistency and then apply it to your skin. Please keep it for ten to fifteen minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.

Note: Refrain from putting too much milk cream if you have oily skin.  Alternatively, you could also use these cleansers if you have oily skin.

B. Best Tan Removal Cream In India

1. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening And Depigmentation & Tan Removal Face Pack

Fruit juices have been known as juices of health and vitality since centuries, and it helps you gain all the essential vitamins, nutrients and natural skin brighteners. The Biotique Bio Fruit is made to bring out the best results from fruit juices and natural ingredients.

This luxurious pack is blended with juices of pineapple, lemon, tomato and papaya that helps your skin health while improving your complexion. The product is built to help you get fairer and flawless skin without investing too much time or efforts.

It helps in de-pigmentation of your skin and helps you gain soft, smooth and

youthful skin texture. The pack formula helps you improve your skin health most organically without using harsh chemicals. Other ingredients include Multani mitti, geru, Acacia arabica etc.

2. USTRAA De-Tan Cream For Men

Men tend to spend more time outdoors in situations like commuting or carrying out errands. This leads to more skin exposure to the sun and getting uneven partial tanning and skin dryness. USTRAA De-Tan Cream helps you eliminate this tan without damaging your skin.

The cream contains Japanese Yuzu rich in ceramides that help skin repair, soothing skin irritation and reducing the wrinkles. Vitamin B3 and magic of Canadian rumex present in this cream helps remove tanning and get even skin tone. There are also liquorice roots that help you dodge under-eye circles and skin discoloration like a pro!

Last but not least, this cream is how it is free of any bleaching cream and harmful chemicals that can cause any possible skin damage. 

3. Raaga Professional De-Tan Tan Removal Cream

Raanga professional is a fast-growing professional care brand that offers a wide range of effective solutions for cosmetic concerns. Raaga offers the best possible products for its customers from hair care to hair colour or body massage oils.

This specially designed tan removal cream for sun tanned skin helps remove epidermal suntan while restoring the skin’s natural fairness. It is suitable for all skin types and has been dermatologically tested so quality won’t be a concern. The de-tan cream is enriched with scientifically extracted natural actives like milk, honey, tomato, lemon, bilberry seven grapefruit extracts and essential oils.

This cream helps you get soft, supple, hydrated and better skin texture with as much ease as possible.

4. O3+ D-Tan Pack For Instant Skin Brightening

In most cultures, taking care of your skin and maintaining its good health is seen as a sign of having a good life. India is one of those countries that believe in this, and we think there’s nothing better than taking care of yourself. So whether you take care of your skin out for public appearance or it comes naturally to you, this cream can help you achieve great results in the most organic way possible.

This is an award-winning product for instant whitening results. It provides eight benefits in one jar as it hydrates, nourishes, soothes, calms, heals, whitens, brightens, and lightens the skin. The cream has the goodness of Mint and Eucalyptus oil cleanses skin while providing instant results with brightening and lightening results.

5. Glamveda Glow D Tan Cream

With this cream, you can indulge your skin with rich massage cream that cushions as it cleanses your pores and skin thoroughly. It has the richness of milk and kojic acid that nourishes your skin and repairs the damage caused by the sun. The cream leaves your skin feeling clarified, revealing your natural healthy-looking glow without using any harsh chemicals.

Its fresh and lightweight formula fights any signs of fatigue and sun damage while leaving a refreshing fragrance. Even after application, you can barely feel the cream, and it works best on a dry face. Apply a thin layer of cream and leave it for twenty minutes. Massage your face and then rinse it off using cool water.

This cream will give you a soft, toned and supple skin. It brightens and lightens the skin texture reducing all of the excess melanin formations due to sun exposure.

6. WishCare® GloWhite DeTan Tan Removal And Skin Brightening Cream

Wishcare GloWHite DeTan uses natural ingredients to help you retain your natural glow even in the peak summer season. India is a subtropical country, sunburns are not a new thing, and something we have experienced during those hot days. This cream helps you remove skin tan while using extracted actives of fruits like tomatoes, lemons, etc.

The lycopene present in tomatoes helps inhibit melanin formation while lightening the skin on regular use. Pure honey and glycerine present in this cream help moisture retention and mulberries help you fight off wrinkles. The anthocyanins present in mulberries act as antioxidants, and aloe vera helps make your skin younger. This cream has the perfect scientific formula and composition to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

7. Leovs Professional Lacto Bleach With Milk And Honey For Tan Removal And Instant Glow Cream

Although we don’t appreciate the cream’s bleach, it works instantly to remove the tan and discolouration. It isn’t very harsh on your skin and helps in restoring the natural fairness of the skin. It clears the skin and gives a smooth skin texture. This cream has lavender oil as it regulates your skin’s oil balance, making it smooth and non-greasy.

It is a fast-acting cream bleach that lightens skin tones and nourishes the skin with milk proteins and honey. The cream helps prevent pigmentation due to harmful sun, and it is suitable for all skin types. It works best for normal and dry skin because of its moisturizing property.

C. Laser Toning

Laser Toning

Technology has improved drastically to help us with every kind of problem, and there is also technology dedicated to helping with issues related to appearances. Laser toning uses the laser to help skin problems, pigmentation, and instantly improve your skin health. You can help reduce signs of ageing, acne scarring, acne spots, dark circles, and blast away melasma. The laser helps in the stimulation of collagen and elastin production that makes your skin look more supple.

An ideal candidate for the laser toning needs an immediate and effective solution for cosmetic concerns.

D. Lightening Actives

The skin lightening industry grew to its glory over the last few decades, and a lot of women have been choosing to use lightening actives to have radiant skin in a short time. Currently, the superstar key lightening actives are Niacinamide, Vitamin C derivatives, and Hydroquinone. Vitamin C derivatives include Ascorbic Acid, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Mulberry extract, Kojic Acid, and Arbutin. One of the products that got our immediate attention was Alpha-Melight developed by Clariant Active Ingredients.

It blocks melanin synthesis, protects from UV rays, and lightens the skin.

The same company also has MadeWhite to reduce and remove visible dark spots while lightening your skin complexion. This product is made from Centella Asiatica extract, which is popular for its healing and skin lightening properties and often used in home remedies.


Tan is a major inconvenience for any time of the year, but it annoys you, even more, when you have got an important event coming up. With these natural remedies and tan removal creams, you can get rid of the tan within no time and look your absolute best. Although we suggest choosing the natural methods for removing tans as they help improve skin health in a longer period if you’re short on time, then the reviewed tan removal creams can help you achieve the best results in a short time.

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