Messy Buns For Indian Weddings

Messy Buns For Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are all about looking effortless and glamorous throughout the day-long festivities. Often picking a hairstyle that compliments these traditional wedding outfits perfectly can be challenging. One must opt for a hairstyle that not only looks great but also keeps the hair tied back and out of the way. A bun is a classic and timeless choice when it comes to Indian weddings. And in the recent past, many have experimented with modern and contemporary twists to this classic updo. However, even when one narrows it down to a nuanced bun, there can be many options to choose from. Here’s your ultimate guide to messy bun hairstyle for Indian bride to help you nail the perfect wedding hairdo! 

Messy Bun Hairstyles For Indian Wedding

messy bun hairstyles for indian wedding

1. Floral Bridal Bun

messy bun for wedding - Floral Bridal Bun

Flowers are the perfect accessory to compliment a bun. The pop of colour adds a much-needed touch of vibrance to one’s hairstyle. Those with both long and short hair can perfect a floral bun with ease. You can tie a floral bun by trying a classic bun and then adding in some flowers with the help of bobby pins and clips. There are so many different ways to experiment with a floral bun. One can deck it up with a white Gajras or opt for something subtle like petals, ferns, or buds. The delicate flowers and pretty pastel shades compliment any outfit. Besides looking great, you’ll smell great too!

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2. Twisted Bun Hairstyle

Twisted buns are a slightly modern rendition of the traditional bridal bun. Tie your hair into a french braid or fishtail plait, and wrap it into a bun. Then secure the bun with rubber bands, elastics, bobby pins, and tons of hair spray to keep it in place! If you want to go the classic route, you can go for a low twisted bun. This is placed near the nape of the neck and gives a more soft and dainty look. A higher bun gives a more western feel to this hairstyle and can be styled without any accessories. A few strands of hair from the side can be parted and curled. Both these variations are extremely versatile and can be sported on almost any wedding event- including the cocktail, the main wedding, mehndi, haldi, or reception, depending on how you style it.

3. Ringlets Bridal Bun

Ringlets Bridal Bun - messy bun hairstyles for indian wedding

The ringlets bridal bun is a great option for those who want to try something different instead of the crisp and conventional bun. This hairstyle involves tying your hair up into wispy and fine ringlets. You can always accessorize these ringlets with flowers, pearls, and other elegant embellishments. This hairstyle can be created by curling your hair into tongs and then pinning them up into a bun. The rings should be secured using hairspray so they don’t lose their shape. It may take a little bit of effort, but it’s worth it! If you want something eye-catching and unique, this hairstyle is the one for you.

4. Royal Bridal Bun

Nothing says “glitz and glamour” like the royal bridal bun. Voluminous, stunning, and styled with curls, this hairdo is perfect if you want your hair to be the center of attention. This is a complicated hairstyle to master, but the results look beautiful. One must start by separating the hair into thin strands and then twisting them into rose-like formations. The strands need to be intertwined perfectly to get the ideal final look. This special hairdo is perfect for a special occasion like a wedding.

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5. Rose Twisted Bun

rose twisted Bun -bridal bun hairstyle

This is a chic and stylish bun that one can rock with both Indian and western outfits. All one needs to do is separate the hair into sections, twist them inside out to the other end, and secure them in place with bobby pins. It looks extremely beautiful and will leave the guests swooning. You can always customize this look with flowers, diamonds, or jewelry. A single loose strand of hair can dampen the beauty of this hairstyle, so make sure to keep the hairspray handy!

6. Braid And Bun Hairstyle

The brains and bun hairstyle is an amalgamation of the french braid, side plait, and bun updo. Even though this hairstyle looks extremely intricate, it is quite easy to create and is also trendy and chic. The way to create this updo is by tying a dutch braid and pinning it into the side of the head. You can use bobby pins and elastics to keep it in place and secure any flyaways with hairspray. Since the hair is tied back, it draws attention to your face and frames your features. It’s a great hairstyle for the wedding and pre-wedding functions alike since it can be paired with almost every outfit and look simple yet stunning! 

7. Princess Bun Hairstyle

Princess Bun Hairstyle - wedding bun hairstyle

Just like the name suggests, the princess bun hairdo will make you feel like a total fairy-tale princess! Especially for events like the cocktail or reception party, you can pair this princess bun updo with a beautiful gown and have your princess moment come to life. What you need to do is tie a simple fishtail braid and then go on to wrap and tuck it in a circular motion. You then need to tightly pin it into place and secure it with pins and hairspray. This bun can be accessorized with many different embellishments; however, the most popular choice is pearls or diamonds since it complements the dainty and feminine vibe perfectly. With all that shine and shimmer, this hairstyle will ensure that all eyes are on you! 

8. Wave Bun Hairstyle

Similar to the rose braid when it comes to creation, the wave bun hairstyle requires curling hair using a curling iron and plait it. The plaits are then twisted in a swirl-like motion to create wave-like shapes. This then needs to be pinned into place carefully. It can be a challenging hairstyle to create and may mean hours in your salon seat- but don’t all good things take time? It’s feminine, stylish, and very flattering, especially when styled with classic desi jewelry or pearls. One can also add crystals to the waves to create a glowing and glistening effect for night events. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle that gives complete bridal vibes, and the semi-braided effect steals the show.

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A bun is definitely the most popular and practical choice for Indian weddings because not only does it look great, but it accentuates the face, highlights the jewelry, and also keeps the hair out of the way. No matter which messy bun hairstyle you decide to choose, make sure you refer to this list and choose the one that’s right for you! 

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