Onion Juice for Hair

Onion Juice for Hair | How to Apply Onion Juice on Hair

Haircare can be a tricky arena to navigate – especially if you’re new to the many nuances that your hair can undergo. Environmental factors, hormonal levels, and even your diet can significantly influence the texture and quality of your hair in the long run. However, to get started, there are some things you can try at home to decide what nourishment your hair needs. 

One such ingredient you can apply to your hair to get yourself closer to your dream hair is onion juice for hair. While you may have seen specialists advocate strongly in favor of the benefits of onion juice for hair fall, it is recommended that you read up about it to find out the many ways it can help your hair. 

Additionally, you can also find solutions for the most pressing concern regarding using onion juice for your hair – ways of getting rid of the odor of onion juice. Let’s dive into the benefits of onion juice and its constituents right away.

Why Onion Juice Can be Good for Hair 

Why Onion Juice Can Be Good For Hair

I. If you’re someone who thinks their hair strands are a little too weak and are prone to constant breaking, then the sulfur in onion juice will do wonders for you. Not only is it great for strengthening the hair roots and follicles to ensure that your grown-out hair is in great shape, but it also ensures that newer strands receive enough nutrition to be healthy. 

II. Since the sulfur in onion juice possesses antioxidants and enzymes; it is apparent that it prevents your hair from being overly subjected to sources of environmental damage. This further means that your hair no longer has to be greying prematurely.

III. Lastly, the antibacterial quality of onion juice helps to prevent any infections that may plague your scalp – keeping your hair protected from external sources of damage as well. If hair fall is a constant problem with your hair, it can be kept in check with the regular application of onion juice.

Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair 

I. As said before; there are countless unexpected benefits to using onion juice for your hair – so if you’re wondering, “is onion juice good for hair,” the short answer is yes. It solves multiple common hair problems such as scalp infections, hair fall, slow hair growth, weak and easily breakable strands of hair, and more. If you want faster hair growth, you can also try using Hibiscus for your hair.

II. In the case of onion juice for hair growth, onion juice provides more nutrition and nourishment to hair than any artificially produced product. Especially in the case of your hair follicles, onion juice plays an exceptional part in strengthening them and moisturizing your scalp if it is dry and flaky.

III. As far as premature greying is concerned, while there are not many proven studies that show a direct correlation between the reduction of premature greying and application of onion juice, it is still rooted in some truth. Since catalase, the antioxidant present in onion juice, helps keep hydrogen peroxide levels low at the roots, it is said to help prevent premature greying in all individuals.

IV. If you have a dry scalp and the resultant brittle and weak hair that comes with it, onion juice may help you tremendously. With the help of flavonoids and other compounds that make onion juice essentially anti-inflammatory, it is said to be an excellent component for hair care – both in cosmetic products and with DIY applications.

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How to Make Onion Juice at Home 

The process of making onion juice at home is also surprisingly easy. The only ingredients you will require to make onion juice at home are water and onions. Once you remove the outer layer of either one or two onions, attempt to chop them up into extremely fine pieces, and set them aside, these onions will then be used for the blending process. 

You can choose to add water at this step, so your onion paste gets smoother and thus easier to blend. Once this paste has been blended, you can once again choose to strain out the water and get rid of it, use a muslin cloth to get rid of onion chunks, or just use the onion paste as is. 

How to Apply Onion Juice on Hair 

As you would expect, the process of how to use onion juice for hair is not a complex process either. All you will need is to take the onion paste that we’ve talked about and then put it in a bowl, after which you’re going to use a cotton pad to apply the onion juice to your scalp and then massage it in to let your scalp soak the onion juice thoroughly. 

Once you’ve successfully applied the onion juice to the entirety of your scalp, you will need to let it sit for a couple of minutes, after which you can shampoo and condition your hair. If you want to get rid of the pungent smell of onions, you can try essential oils after applying shampoo to your hair or one of the combinations below.

Try These Combinations to Combat The Strong Onion Smell

1. Use Onion Juice With Coconut Oil 

Use Onion Juice With Coconut Oil 

For this, you will need to have some coconut oil, onion juice, and tea tree oil at your disposal – since all of these not only get rid of the smell of the onion juice but also make your scalp healthier.

Step 1. Get all your materials together in one bowl.

Step 2. Mix them all together till they’re thoroughly mixed.

Step 3. Lastly, as with onion juice, you will need to apply this mixture to your scalp and massage it into your scalp to let it seep in thoroughly. Once you have let it sit on your scalp for over 40 minutes, wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner to combat the smell. 

2. Use Onion Juice With Honey 

Use Onion Juice With Honey 

All you need for this concoction is onion juice and honey. While this combination seems relatively easier, honey is a miraculous ingredient when it comes to glossing your hair and providing it with a shine. 

Step 1. Get your honey and onion juice together in a bowl.

Step 2. Until the paste is combined well, you will need to whisk them both thoroughly. 

Step 3. Lastly, all you need to do is apply this mixture to your scalp. Keep a tissue or paper towel nearby since the heat from the onion juice may cause the honey to drip somewhat. Once it has been kept in for a half-hour, wash it out with a mild shampoo.

Honey and Onion Juice can also be used to increase the hair density of your hair. Therefore, if you are having an issue with your hair density, give this homemade remedy a try.

3. Use Onion Juice With Lemon Juice

Use Onion Juice With Lemon Juice

Using lemon juice with onion juice can be just what you need to strengthen those hair follicles – and if you’re someone who constantly suffers from dandruff and a dry scalp, then the vitamin C present in the lemon juice will help you out tremendously.

Step 1. Take around three teaspoons of onion juice and two teaspoons of lemon juice and put them in a bowl.

Step 2. Mix them well till they’re combined perfectly.

Step 3. As always, you will need to apply this mixture to your scalp evenly and thoroughly, massaging it to get the mix all the way in your scalp. Once it has been kept in for a half-hour, wash it out with the help of a mild shampoo. 

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4. Use Onion Juice With Ginger Juice 

Use Onion Juice With Ginger Juice

Not only does the smell of ginger combat the odor of onion juice, but the anti-inflammatory components present in ginger can boost your scalp’s hydration exponentially – even going as far as to reduce hair fall.

Step 1. For this, you will need to take some ginger juice and onion juice and put them in a non-metallic bowl together.

Step 2. After combining this mixture, apply it to all sections of your scalp and massage it in.

Step 3. Since the combined odor of both ginger and onion can get too overwhelming, you may also choose to wear a shower cap for thirty minutes while keeping the mixture intact.

Step 4. After the thirty minutes are up, you can wash out the mixture with a mild shampoo that is also sulfate-free.

Verdict | Is Onion Juice Good for Hair Fall?

As we have seen so far, onion juice can be miraculous in terms of preventing hair fall. With the various components of onion juice, such as antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and flavonoids, onion juice is quickly becoming the go-to solution of most individuals who take their hair care extremely seriously. 

With the lack of cosmetic products that employ onion juice as one of their components, it is natural to turn to DIY methods – not only are these extraordinarily accessible, but they are also significantly cheaper. 

With onion juice and its many benefits, you can bid farewell to problems such as premature greying, abundant hair fall, weak hair roots, and more – and especially with the negligible side effects, it is easy to incorporate onion juice into your daily hair care routine. 


It is recommended to start out small to test out whether onion juice works for your hair. If you begin to see results after a while, attempt to apply onion juice for the growth of your hair about two or three times a week, or even more than that. The only downside to that, perhaps, is a constant lingering odor of onion for hair.

If you’re only trying out the benefits of onion juice for the first time, it is perhaps not the best idea to leave onion juice in your hair for the entire night. With more experience, you can leave onion juice in your hair overnight as well. However, it is recommended to protect your pillow and sheets from being stained by onion juice with the help of a towel.

One of the biggest downsides to using onion juice for hair regrowth, and perhaps the only one, is its odor. However, you can cancel out this smell with the help of tea tree oil, witch hazel, lemon juice and water, and even apple cider vinegar to wash your hair out.

While you can store onion juice in the refrigerator for a period ranging from two to four days, it is highly recommended to make fresh onion juice every time you’re planning to apply it to your hair. 

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