What Is Mild Shampoo

What Is Mild Shampoo?

Mild shampoos are usually a great alternative for people with sensitive hair and scalp. They contain conditioning agents and natural oils, and botanical extracts to repair or save the hair from damage. But let us learn in detail what is mild shampoo and what are the benefits of using a mild shampoo and which are some of the best examples in the market? Let’s find out.

What Is Mild Shampoo?

A mild shampoo means a shampoo that contains gentler and weaker cleansing agents such as detergents and surfactants, in comparison to other strong shampoos. These cleansing agents eventually help to remove oil and dirt from the hair, making it look softer, shinier and healthier. However, some shampoos that contain the general cleansing agents may often lead to resulting in rough, frizzy and damaged hair.

Therefore, a mild shampoo can be a great choice for any of the following criteria:

  • When you need to wash your hair every alternative day.
  • When your hair is damaged due to chemicals or heat.
  • When your hair is dry.
  • When you have fine hair.
  • If you have dandruff.
  • When you are experiencing hair fall.

Mild shampoos can not only remove oil and dirt form the hair but are able to do so without posing any further damage. However, you may still opt for a strong shampoo every once in a while, if you like to use hair gels, hairsprays or other styling products, to get rid of all the chemicals from your hair. Remember that a shampoo and a conditioner have very different roles, you can read more about the difference between the two products in this article.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Mild Shampoo?

Benefits Of Using A Mild Shampoo

The primary thing that sets a mild shampoo apart from a strong shampoo is the general absence of stubborn cleansing agents. Surfactants and detergents are usually soapy ingredients that help in getting rid of the residue oil, dirt and tangles from your hair. Usually, stronger shampoos contain one of more of the following agents mentioned below:

ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, triethanolamine laureth sulfate, sodium dioctylsulfosuccinate, disodium oleaminesulfosuccinate, etc.

Therefore, because of the presence of these strong cleansing agents, clarifying shampoos are basically advised to be used less frequently unless required extra cleansing occasionally.

Although mild shampoos still do contain certain cleansing agents same as clarifying shampoos, they are not as strong as in the latter. Some of the surfactants and detergents used in mild shampoos are:

long-chain amino esters, cocamidopropyl betaine, ammonioesters, polyoxyethylene faty alcohols, alkanolamides, sodium lauraminopropionate, etc.

Mild shampoos also contain certain conditioning agents in the form of silicone, natural oils or proteins, such as:

glycerin, amino acids, dimethicone, hydrolyzed silk and animal protein, essential oils, plant extracts, keratin, shea utter, propylene glycol, and vitamins such as panthernol & provitamins.

The most common yet significant benefits that mild shampoos provide are:

  • They don’t irritate the scalp.
  • They cleanse bur don’t over-dry.
  • They won’t cause hair fall.
  • They’ll provide conditioning.

How To Identify A Mild Shampoo?

Although mild shampoos are not always labeled as “mild”, they are not very difficult to find online or even at supermarket stores. The easiest way to identify a mild shampoo is by looking for one that does not contain sulfates but conditioning agents such as proteins, oils and silicones.

Effect Of Mild Shampoo On Different Hair Types

Hair Types

To understand how it works on different hair types, let’s take a quick glance at the benefits that it provides to people with different hair types-

1. Mild Shampoo For Dry Hair

Your hair becomes dry when it doesn’t retain enough moisture. Therefore, mild shampoos provide the hair with mild cleansing and sufficient conditioning, without stripping it off of natural moisture. People with dry hair must use a conditioner afterwards washing their hair with a mild shampoo to help it regain its natural locked-in moisture.

2. Mild Shampoo For Oily Hair

People with oily hair often tend to use a strong shampoo at least once in a week. However, a mild shampoo can be as powerful to remove excess oil as a clarifying shampoo, and can be perfect for daily use. Try avoiding the use of mild shampoos containing silicones to prevent your hair from being super greasy.

3. Mild Shampoo For Thin Hair

They are a good option for people with thin hair as they tend to prevent breakage, making it softer and fuller.

4. Mild Shampoo For Curly Hair

Curly hair usually tends to get dry easily and lacks moisture to keep it soft and frizz-free. Mild shampoos are known to prevent frizzing and keeping the curls intact and healthy.


Mild shampoos are also excellent agents for preventing dandruffs and hair loss. Mild shampoos that contain zinc pyrithione help to slow down the production of skin cells, preventing flaking. They also help in soothing the hair follicles which in return help to reduce hair fall.


Unfortunately, Dove cannot be considered as a mild shampoo since it contains higher levels of Sodium Laureth Sulfates that can strip off natural oils from the hair and the scalp, making it look dry and dull. It is also a no-no for people with sensitive and an itchy scalp.

Tresemme shampoos are not mild shampoos as they contain low levels of the Sodium Laureth Sulfate formulation, however, they also contain Keratin and Argan oil that are extremely beneficial for hair nourishment and frizz control. Tresemme keratin shampoos are not only silicon-free but gentle to your hair for daily use.  

Being one of the powerful and effective shampoo brands, known for solving stubborn hair problems is unfortunately, not a mild shampoo. Head & Shoulders shampoos contain a decent amount of Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is harmful and harsh for the hair in the long run.

Clinic Plus shampoos are considered as mild shampoos, ideal for daily use for any specific hair type. They contain milk protein, along with herbal extracts to provide shiny and healthy hair. You can easily pair them up with Clinic Plus conditioners to get that extra nourishment for your hair.

Well, some of its variant formulas are mild. Therefore, Pantene shampoos can be considered as mild shampoos since they are free of SLS and parabens.

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