Horlicks Protein Plus Review

Horlicks Protein Plus Review

The jingle of “Taller, Stronger, Sharper” has permeated across the Indian masses, as we all consumed Horlicks as we grew up. Horlicks as a brand has been pretty consistent and provided new spins on their products. They have also launched new products like Women’s Horlicks, Mother’s Horlicks, which are specifically curated for the consumption of targeted adults who deal with problems.

So it is safe to say that Horlicks is a brand that can be safely trusted to make a positive change in your life. The Horlicks Protein Plus is made with the same aim – to provide protein as a dietary supplement for adults or for those who are simply looking to make a sustainable lifestyle change. Without making you read anymore, let us proceed to the Horlicks Protein Plus Review.

Horlicks Protein Plus Review – How Good Is It?

How Good Is The Horlicks Protein Plus?


  • Advertises to have three proteins (whey, soy and casein)
  • Will supplement your diet with all the required vitamins and minerals
  • Has biotin, which is beneficial for your hair growth


  • Provides 34 grams of protein in 100 grams of protein powder
  • High carbohydrate and sugar content which is not recommended if you are looking to lose weight by using protein supplements
  • Only 9.9 grams of whey concentrate in 100 grams of protein powder
  • Not suitable for bodybuilding requirements

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1. Ingredients In The Horlicks Protein Plus

We begin our Horlick Protein Plus Review by listing all the ingredients that are used in the protein powder from Horlicks.

Protein Products (37%) [Soy Protein Concentrate (19%) Whey Protein Concentrate (18%)], Maltodextrin, Cereal Extract (17%), Casein (4.2%) [From Skimmed Milk Powder (15.64%)], Minerals, Nature Identical Flavouring Substances, Vitamins, Artificial Sweeteners (INS 950). 

2. Horlicks Protein Plus Content

Types of Proteins in Horlicks Protein Plus

A. Horlicks Protein Plus ContentWhey Protein 

Whey protein is a milk-based protein that is very beneficial in improving muscle protein synthesis and promotes lean muscle mass growth. It is usually taken as a dietary supplement alongside resistance training which also helps in weight loss and a significant lowering of your cholesterol level. 

There are many benefits associated with the consumption of whey protein powder, and researchers are constantly finding newer therapeutic properties. Consumption of whey protein powder for a significant amount of time can reduce body fat, high blood pressure, and hypertension and potentially reduce the risks of developing heart diseases or strokes. When paired with the correct type of exercise, this type can also potentially decrease the chances of you contracting cancer. 

There are three types of whey protein: isolates, concentrates and hydrolysates, and all three of these come with different uses. Concentrates contain a low amount of fat, whereas isolates are the purest form of protein with less fat content and can be used by lactose-intolerant people. Whey protein is predominantly used by athletes and bodybuilders, and other forms of intense physical training. All of these whey protein benefits are also Horlicks Protein Plus Benefits since whet protein is present in the mixture.

B. Horlicks Protein Plus Content Soy Protein 

Soy Protein is an intermediate releasing source of protein that becomes available for use after whey. As people know, soy is an immensely rich protein source and is beneficial for users because it is vegetarian. Despite having a few negative reviews, soy protein is the most popular vegan source of protein for many vegetarian and vegan people. 

There is always a misconception that soy protein is as potent as whey protein, but this is not true because soy protein, despite being a protein, has all the necessary nutrients and is rich in amino acids, which is especially beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes, it is lesser in comparison to the pure protein you can acquire from whey.

Horlicks Protein Plus contains very less soy protein than any good whey protein powder and is therefore not useful in the product. It only contains 8% soy protein in 100 grams compared to other products available in the market, giving you a much better result. 

C. Horlicks Protein Plus Content Casein

The casein content in the Horlicks Protein Plus is low (1.1%) and does not make that much of a difference because it is not substantial enough to do what casein originally does. Unlike whey protein or soy protein, casein does not dissolve easily at all and is a low release protein that stays in your blood for a longer amount of time and therefore does not get absorbed fast.

The best part of it being a low release protein is that it soothes the flexibility and heals all the microtears you might have gradually acquired from high-intensity training. So when you’re feeling exhausted and tired, if you have a drink of casein, it will help your muscles recover and rejuvenate better. However, it is not especially beneficial to buy Horlicks Protein Plus because the casein content, combined with the 80% casein from the milk solids, is still very less to make an actual difference on your body. 

3. Flavours

Horlicks Protein Powder Flavours

Protein powders usually do not have a great taste when consumed in their original form. Therefore Horlicks Protein Plus benefits the user as it comes in two very delicious flavours, chocolate and vanilla. Such flavouring agents act as an instant mood lifter as well as makes it much easier to consume. 

4. Compared To Other Protein Powders 

Compared to other protein powders, the Horlicks Protein Plus for bodybuilding is not that good a choice because it lacks a good percentage of protein concentrate, which is the main job for any good protein powder drink to provide. It can be easily used for a day to day supplement if you are looking for something that will provide you with a bit more energy to go through the day, but otherwise, this might not be a wise option if you are bodybuilding or an athlete or a sportsperson, because it may make you gain unnecessary weight due to artificial sweeteners.

5. Horlicks Protein Plus Benefits

The Horlicks Protein Plus benefits people who need a dietary supplement without any physical exercise or resistance training. While it is not a good dietary supplement for people who rigorously maintain their diets and are very careful of the calories they consume throughout the day or for people who consume only healthy carbs, like athletes or sportspersons, it can help you meet the need for protein for your daily intake.

Another one of Horlick Protein Plus benefits is the reduction in risk of hypertension, high blodd pressure, and heart problems thanks to the Whey protein present in Horlick Protein Plus. However, an issue with Horlicks Protein Plus is the high levels of additional flavouring and sweeteners that it contains, which may increase your weight and do more harm than good.

6. Horlicks Protein Plus Side Effects 

There have been no reported side effects so far for the Horlicks Protein Plus, which is a good sign. No incidents of gastric disturbances among consumers or other reactions allergic in nature have been reported after usage. It contains milk and soy, which people may be a bit allergic to, and so, therefore, must be consumed only after proper information and reading the labels to find out more. However, Horlicks protein plus side effects may include an increase in weight. A lot of people ask “is horlicks protein plus good for weight loss?”, but with the high artificial sweeteners included in the protein powder, we may feel that using the powder regularly won’t help with weight loss.

7. Horlicks Protein Plus For Bodybuilding 

Horlicks Protein Plus for bodybuilding may not be a wise choice since it serves to do more harm than good. It is extremely high in calorie content and contains a high proportion of carbohydrates and other fats, which might be unhealthy and help in unnecessary weight gain. While it may help rejuvenate your muscles, it does not have any BCAA or Glutamine or EAA. It has a high percentage of sucrose, which athletes and bodybuilders usually refrain from consuming.


The Horlicks Protein Plus is a product that can be consumed if you are not someone with extremely high daily physical activity to burn off the amount of fat that it will make you gain daily. However, for someone who does not have that much physical activity, and wants to simply supplement your diet with a protein powder drink from a company that comes with superior packaging, then you can invest in this. We hope that this Horlicks Protein Plus Review has been beneficial to you, if you have any doubts about the product, let us know in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

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