Best Sunglasses for Men in India

Best Sunglasses for Men in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Think about it. What is the one item you could use to up your style quotient instantly? It happens to all of us. We get ready and put on the best of our clothes, and yet when we are ready to go out, we feel as if some accessory is missing, even after spending almost an hour fussing over our hair. What could that critical element be? We bet you are thinking of best sunglasses for men in India right now. And if you are, you are not wrong.

Sunglasses happen to be the one of the most popular and widely used style accessories all over. Everyone loves to wear them, and more importantly, flaunt them to gain attention and appreciation. In this age of the social media and online sharing, it is almost given for you to take a selfie and upload it if you happen to step out wearing a good pair of sunglasses. People love to engage in online interactions and gather likes from their online friends with regards to the style quotient, significantly influenced by the sunglasses.

They are also the one critical aspect of our wardrobe which completes our look. You might put on the best of clothes, comb your hair in the perfect way and even put on the most appealing accessories, and yet unless you sport a glamorous pair of sunglasses, you don’t seem to have a look together.

But fret not, for we by this article are here to help. What kind of help, you might ask. The fact is although most of us want to and like to wear sunglasses, a good majority of us do not know what kind to choose.

We’re always confused between the hundreds of varieties there are in the markets right now and are effectively stumped when it comes to choosing one as per our personal preferences and style. And it’s not surprising at all. There are so many different variations, so many different colours and so many different brands available today that it is only natural that we lose ourselves in the search and fail to buy that one perfect pair. Well, not anymore.

This article aims to guide you through each step of the process. We’ll go over what goes into making that one perfect pair of sunglasses. We will list out the critical factors that will help you choose the pair that suits you the best, and then even go on to list some of the best and most engaging options available in the market right now.

Basically, by the time you reach the end of this article, you would have more than likely made a clear decision on what it is that you want when it comes to best sunglasses for men. Since we do have a lot of things to go over, let’s dive right in and check out some of the best sunglasses for men in India.

Top 10 Best Sunglasses For Men in India 2022

1st Place
Fastrack P357BK1 UV protected Square Men’s Sunglasses By Fastrack
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Best Value
Tony Stark Iron Mens Sunglasses By Tony Stark
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3 Silver Kartz Combo of 2 Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses By Silver Kartz
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4 Fastrack P358BK2 UV Protected Square Men’s Sunglasses By Fastrack
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5 Tom Martin UV–400 Frisco Aviator Protected Sunglasses By Tom Martin
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1. Fastrack P357BK1 UV protected Square Men’s Sunglasses

First on our list is from a brand that is definitely one of the top subglasses brand in India. Fastrack is explicitly known for keeping things stylish. And this one product is no exception. The Square Men’s Sunglasses by Fastrack are not just extremely comfortable and stylish for the wearer, but the best part is that they are also really jacked up when it comes to offering protection.

If you are looking for best sunglasses for men 2022, then you have got to look at these since they come with an anti UV mechanism which shields your eyes perfectly from the sun. They belong to the small size category, and the manufacturers even offer a full one year of warranty on manufacturing defects.

The temple is shiny black while the rest of the frame is black in colour. The entire frame is made up of plastic while the lenses come in smoke colour and are made up of polycarbonate. They are ideal for men, but women can surely rock them too if they so desire.

2. Tony Stark Iron Man Sunglasses

Are you, just like the rest of the world, a fan of superhero movies and superheroes in general? Do you love to watch your favorite heroes beat the bad guys on screen and also wish to emulate their specific styles in whatever ways you can? If you answered the above questions in the affirmative, then you are going to love this.

The following product is a pair of sunglasses that have been conceptualized and based on those worn by RDJ in his worldwide acclaimed Iron Man movies, where he plays the titular character of Tony Stark. They belong to the large size category, are completely UV protected, and also keep your eyes safe from all kinds of external dirt and debris.

They go well for both men and women, and the frame happens to be metallic, giving the glasses an even classier look. You get a hard plastic case along with the glasses but the most intriguing feature, perhaps are the red-tinted lenses which completely change the look of the person wearing them. If you are a fan of Iron Man or Robert Downey Junior, this sunglasses will definitely be one of the best sunglasses for men in India to wear.

3. Silver Kartz Combo of 2 Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses

These Wayfarer sunglasses from Silver Kartz are made from the lightest of materials such as cellulose acetate and beta titanium making them exceptionally comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Composite nylon technology has been used in the lenses giving them a finish you could have only dreamt of and a crystal clear vision too.

With a hundred percent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you can be sure that you’d remain as safe as you would want to be. If you are still not convinced, then let it be known that it comes with UV 400 protection which effectively blocks out all kinds of harmful rays from the sun keeping your eyes healthier than ever.

As for the size, it falls under the medium size category and will, in fact, fit well on any medium or semi-medium sized face. If trendy sunglasses is what you’re looking for, then we can’t help but mention that these will be the perfect choice for you.

4. Fastrack P358BK2 UV Protected Square Men’s Sunglasses

We have said it before, and we will say it again. Fastrack likes to keep things stylish. Keeping up with the same trend, they have now released this brand new range of best sunglasses for men in India, which are not just attractively designed but also offer complete protection against all kinds of harmful sun rays including UV rays.

They are square and offer the perfect balance of comfort and support that wearers usually crave. Belonging to the medium size category, they come with a full year of manufacturer’s warranty in case of any defects in the product. They consist of a shiny Dk black temple with a black frame and also black coloured lenses which are made of the polycarbonate material. The frame is made up of plastic, and the sunglasses are deemed ideal for men.

5. Tom Martin UV–400 Frisco Aviator Protected Sunglasses

Tom Martin sunglasses are known to be one of the classiest in the market, and these aviators certainly do not disappoint. They are rectangular and come with UV protection, meaning that you won’t have to strain your eyes against the sun. The glasses will take care of handling all the UV rays. Additionally, the frame material is a Titanium alloy for extra durability while the lens material is composite and is smoke black.

The lens width is 61 mm while the bridge is 15 mm in size. Furthermore, in the package, you will get a whole lot of items including the sunglasses, a beautiful sunglasses case, one soft glasses pouch, one micro fibre cleaning cloth, one warranty card and one gift packing carton.

6. Fastrack Men P190GR2 Plastic UV Protected Sunglasses

Fastrack happens to be the one gift that keeps on giving. And that is evident in the fact they have a whole wide range of amazing products including the best sunglasses for men in India that we have already included in this list and this one too. This pair of sunglasses by Fastrack are made of plastic but are extremely durable and sturdy.

They are completely UV protected meaning that you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging your eyes at all as long as you have them on. Furthermore, the lenses are made of a composite material, and the manufacturers provide a complete one year of warranty in case of any defects in the product. They are ideal for men and come with a beautiful case for you to store them in.

7. Generic Men’s Aviator and Wayfarer Sunglasses

What if we told you that for roughly the same amount, you could get not one but two amazing sunglasses, all for you to own and sport? Well, that is true. In this great combo offer, you get two extremely stylish yet comfortable sunglasses, one of which happen to be aviators while the other ones are wayfarers.

This promotional campaign by Generic is sure to win many hearts as both of these sunglasses are deemed attractive to look at and come with all the features you might need. Both of them are black and come with a box. They belong to the medium size category and also come with a month of manufacturer’s warranty in case there happens to be some damage to either of them.

8. Blue Diamond UV Protected Aviator Men’s Sunglasses

As the name suggests, these sunglasses exude luxury. The aviators are super classy when it comes to looks but also super comfortable once you start wearing them. They come with UV protection too meaning that you won’t have to worry about damaging your eyes when you go out in the sun. The sunglasses will take care of all that.

They have been classified as free size meaning that one size of the glasses will fit all. That is another complication resolved since people often end up buying the wrong sizeof sunglasses and then regret later. The finishing is of extremely high quality while the glasses themselves have been deemed suitable for party wear and even formal or casual occasions.

9. Tiludi Fashion Wayfarer Unisex Sunglasses

Anyone who says wayfarers will soon pass out of fashion doesn’t know what they are talking about. This timeless version of sunglasses is here to stay, and this latest product by Tiludi simply emphasizes that fact. These Unisex sunglasses are medium sized and come with black frame colour along with blue coloured lenses.

The lenses are certified as TAC Resin and polarized while also offering 100% protection against all kinds of harmful rays from the sun, including UV rays. If you are an outdoor person and love walking, driving, going for shopping sprees, travelling and taking photos, then this happens to be the perfect product.

They will not just protect your eyes from all the dirt in the outside world but also make you look stylish while they are at it. Finally, they also do have stellar customer service so in case you’re facing any kind of problems with the product, you can always contact the good folks at Tiludi, and they’ll do their best to solve your problem.

10. Fastrack M157BK1 Gradient Goggle Men’s Sunglasses

Finally, what better way to end things than with a Fastrack product? They are stylish and comfortable but also offer complete protection from UV rays. The Gradient Goggle range from Fastrack is great in the sense that they are simply the best sunglasses for men in India and are free size products, meaning that one size will fit all and there will be no problems with the size of the sunglasses.

The manufacturers have promised a complete one year of warranty on manufacturing defects, and the black colour frame of the glasses do well to highlight your face and give you a classy look you have always desired. The temple is also black while the material of the frame is plastic. The lens in pink in colour and plastic in nature while they have been deemed ideal for casual wear for men.

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Men

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for Men

Before we go over what separates an average pair of sunglasses from the most dazzling pair of sunglasses you have ever seen, let’s talk a bit more about them. Let’s find out why do we need to wear these, and why do some people value them more than anything else and spend exorbitant amounts of money to fetch that perfect pair for themselves.

1. The Sun

The sun, apart from being the big ball of fire and light that it is, is a lot of other things as well. Apart from being the one continuous source of Vitamin D for all of humanity on earth, it also secretes some rather undesirable elements too, the kind that we would rather avoid.

Prime of these are the extremely harmful UV rays, the ones which are primarily responsible for ripping a hole in our ozone layer. These UV rays upon coming in direct contact with the skin or the eyes are capable of causing some serious damage. This is precisely the reason why it is always advisable to keep your eyes protected while stepping out in the sun.

2. The Dirt

Slightly lesser impactful, and yet troublesome at the same time, is the dirt and debris that you commonly encounter while travelling on the road. Now while this dirt isn’t usually as severe as having the potential to cause serious harm to your eyesight, it is, in fact, enough to severely irritate you and cloud your vision for a few minutes. Now while you’re out on the road, losing your vision for even a few minutes could turn out to be a serious deal, which is why sunglasses pose as the perfect cover against dirt and debris for your eyes.

3. Preservation

It is said that the eyes are the dead giveaway to a person’s intentions, should and age. Ignoring the first two, if you want to look young and youthful for a long time, it is imperative that you take really good care of your eyes. Since the eyes tend to wrinkle up pretty easily, people tend to spend exorbitant amounts of money in reversing the process once they develop these wrinkles. However, to avoid the ordeal altogether, make sure you protect your eyes in the best manner possible, especially with a good pair of sunglasses.

Now that we’re through with the need for sunglasses, it is time that we go over the anatomy of a sunglass. You might consider it useless but if you are willing to buy that perfect pair of sunglasses, it is important to first understand how sunglasses work, and for that, you need to have an understanding of its constituent parts first.

4. Anatomy

The top bar of the sunglasses is that part which connects the two lenses from above the bridge on the nose. Not all sunglasses have the top bar, and it is not that critical of a part. You will most likely find the top bar in the classic aviator versions. The bridge, on the other hand, is one of the most critical parts of sunglasses as it is what supports the entire frame over your face. It rests on your nose, and since it is in direct contact with your face, it must be comfortable and made of a material that doesn’t make you feel uneasy.

Furthermore, you have the nose pads which are nothing but plastic pads which are fitted onto the sunglasses to further strengthen their grip over your nose and to protect your face from any rough edges on the glasses. The important point is that these pads shouldn’t be too tightly imposed on your nose as that could lead to marks on your face or even discomfort.

You then have the temples which are the arms of the glasses as they go over your ears and are responsible for keeping them firmly in place by supporting the frame on top of your ears. Additionally, there is the temple tip, the hinge and the joint which is nothing but the part of the glasses which connects the temple as explained above to the frame rim.

Now that we have gone over the different parts of sunglasses, it is also equally important to discuss the different styles of sunglasses you could find in the market so that it becomes easier for you to find the one that suits you so that your search for the best sunglasses for men in India goes much easier.

Remember that there are multiple brands, styles and variations available in the market, to the extent that it is quite easy to make a mistake and buy a pair that doesn’t quite go very well with your requirements or style. It, therefore, becomes a necessity for you to familiarize yourself with the following before you start the buying process.

The first and arguably the most famous of the lot are the aviators, which were initially designed to be worn by pilots in the cockpit. This style dates back to the 1930s and is primarily characterized by a double bridge and lenses shaped in the form of a teardrop.

Because of their unhindered peripheral view, aviators turned out to be quite the rage among pilots and people from similar professions. Next, we have the wayfarers, which were initially introduced by the sunglasses giant Ray-Ban and later went on to become one of the most iconic sunglass styles in the market. Popular right from the 50s, they are mainly characterized by a narrow but trapezoidal shape. Next, we have the round frame sunglasses which are now considered an essentially vintage look and can make the wearer look quite classy.

While they had begun to fade away a few years back, they have recently made a comeback and are now being hailed and worn all over. They were made the most popular by some extremely talented and gifted artists, mostly musicians, such as John Lennon and Elton John. Other than that, we have the equally good-looking Clubmaster and Wrap Round sunglasses, which happen to be just as attractive to look at. But the story doesn’t end here, for there is much more to sunglasses than just different styles, the variations occur at a lot of places.

For example, another of the primary ways in which sunglasses differ from each other is in the type of frame they come with. You can get either full frame, half frame or frameless varieties of glasses in the market today. It is not hard to guess the anatomy of the sunglass by the name, but we’ll go over them in brief nonetheless. The half frame variety, as the name suggests, is distinctive in the sense that only half portion of the lenses are surrounded by the plastic frame, while the rest remains uncovered.

The full frame variety, on the other hand, comes with the entire lens being covered by the frame, which could be either metallic or plastic. These glasses are more suitable for people who are interested in more of a classic look or those who need to accentuate or highlight their eyes a bit more.

Finally, we have the frameless variety, also often called rimless, and characterized by the fact that the plastic or metallic rim actually cover no portion of the lens. Now although these type of sunglasses afford the user a stylish look, they do have this complication that they need to be handled somewhat delicately since the lenses lack all kinds of protection whatsoever.

That’s it. That should be enough to let you make an informed decision on the kind of sunglasses you should go for, and what is it that will perfectly suit your specific face cut. And if you’re still not sure, then read on, for we will now present not one or two but ten different varieties of best sunglasses for men in India that are present in the market right now. We are pretty sure you will find what you are looking for in the following list.

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That concludes our list of the top options available in the market right now when it comes to sunglasses. We are sure that you will be able to find what you were looking for in the above list and if not, then you can always go back to the handy guide we detailed, in the beginning, to stay informed and make a wise decision by yourself.

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